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With Help From A Process Server Surrey BC Courts Can Hear Cases Sooner

March 14, 2016 by  
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The constitution guarantees that every citizen will be treated fairly and justly, especially when they become involved in legal actions. That is why there are so many laws and regulations governing investigations and court proceedings. One iron rule is that all parties involved in a specific case are entitled to certain documentation relevant to the case. Without the services of a process server Surrey BC courts and legal firms will find it very difficult to proceed with legal actions.

One of the fundamental rules is that all parties that are involved in a legal case must be informed of that fact. Such parties may be individuals, businesses and even government departments. They need to be informed in writing and the relevant documentation must be delivered to them in person. In the past this task was the responsibility of the sheriff, but the sheer volume of documents that must be served made it an impossible task.

Nowadays legal documents are delivered by professionals that specialize in this field. Serving professionals not only deliver the documentation, but also make sure that they are able to prove that the delivery has taken place strictly in accordance to the law. They are hired by legal firms, the courts and even by local authorities and government agencies.

It is necessary to obtain a license to embark on this line of work but the regulations governing licensing differ from state to state. Some require that applicants attend formal courses while others simply require a clean criminal record. Many professionals in this field come from a police or security background and most private investigation firms have licensed serving officials in their employ. Serving officials are even sometimes employed by legal firms.

It is not always easy to hand documents to an intended recipient in person. In many instances the serving professional must first find the recipient. They may have moved, often far away or they may avoid the act of receiving the documentation. Those hiding from the serving official often does so because they know that the legal matter cannot proceed until they have been served.

It can even be dangerous to deliver legal documentation. There have been numerous cases where the serving official is attacked or threatened. If the official suspects that the serving may be risky, he can apply for assistance and backup from the local police. Getting approval for such backup often takes time, however, and this can lead to delays in the process.

Another major problem for serving officials is the fact that they are not allowed to break any law regarding trespassing in order to do their jobs. The state of California is the only exception in this regard. It can be very difficult to reach individuals that live in homes with state of the art security systems, or in closed communities and high security apartment complexes.

Every individual and organization have the right to be informed about legal matters that involves them. It may sometimes be difficult to serve those document in person, but the law exists in order to protect the constitutional rights of every citizen. The role of the serving professional is to deliver the documents, regardless of the difficulties he may encounter.

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