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Why Use Academic Executive Search Firms To Recruit

April 18, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Reputation and tradition determine the long term position of any education institution. Such institutions depend on their leadership to put in place lasting structures and create a positive public perception. This means that the potential of an institution lies in its executives. Such people must be passionate, possess the right skills and experience to lead. The duty to find such a leader is best handled by academic executive search firms.

Some of the positions that require assistance of the specialist recruitment firms include chancellors or presidents, provosts, vice presidents or vice chancellors and deans. Specialization at the top management of universities and learning institutions is crucial. The leaders will map the way for the institution for years to come. You also do not have a chance for trial and error.

While institutions have fully operational human resource departments and can ably recruit the executives, they face a grave challenge. They are prone to bias or influence which may lead them to pick on the basis of prior knowledge. This trend has seen many institutions promote deputies after the departure of their seniors. This limits the potential of an institution and may lead to continuation of old habits that are sometimes unprofitable. It also denies you the opportunity to tap from a field of equally or more able leaders.

Recruiting firms scrutinize the CVs and make recommendations to the selection panel. Their decisions are not based on prior knowledge and are therefore devoid of bias. The firm is able to thoroughly scrutinize resumes, search for performance records and identify faults that might escape the attention of an internal recruitment team. The firm is independent and cannot be influence by previous interactions.

De-linking the selection process from the institution comes with its share of advantages. Chief among the advantages is transparency since they have no prior knowledge or interaction with candidates. It means that the selection process will purely be based on merit. They can identify traits during their search and recommend the best candidate. This reduces the chances of hiring and later firing the executive leading to disruption of programs.

Recruiting firms pay full attention to your assignment without the threat of other duties being affected as would be the case with an internal human resource department. Conducting the recruitment away from the institution ensures that professional distance is maintained between persons and departments that will later work together. This helps to maintain a professional work environment that is good for the social fiber of your institution.

In case you have no idea what kind of firm to hire, a referral would do. Identify the firms that have been recruiting for your peers. You may also check the profiles of the search agencies and their managers. Consider their exposure, qualification and experience. An experienced agency has a database and network to attract the right person. Work with a firm that has a reputation of recruiting quality candidates.

Charges for recruiting executives depend on your needs. Higher positions are more expensive and the number of executives needed also determines your fees. The ease of finding a suitable candidate further affects the price. The need and nature of advertisement will also affect the charges. Each quotation is unique.

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