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Why There Is Need For Deregulation Of Utilities

March 29, 2016 by  
Filed under Finance

Monopoly of companies has played a vital role in restricting customers to seek services from only one company. The most common of these services is electric supply. In the event that government policies are restructured, customers will be at full benefit of deregulation of utilities especially in power supply. This means that, the utility may still own the entire infrastructure, but other electricity providers may still be able to buy and sell electricity to the customer directly.

Being that the market scene in Florida has been deregulated, a lot of benefits are being realized here. To start with, deregulation has enabled a leveled field for competition to be created. This has been realized in sense that companies are accorded an equal opportunity for scrambling for customers. Consumers are now the ones having the final say when choosing the kind of service provider they want.

Being that consumers take charge of the market performance, it definitely means that they will be charged less than before. The main reason is that every entity will be struggling in a bid to please the consumers so that they can be selected for service provision. Price reduction has been termed as the main benefit most consumers accrue from such a decision.

In an event that electricity becomes cheaper, the prices of various commodities are also set to come down. Power supply normally takes up a huge portion as far as the operation costs of a business are concerned. In order to cover up for this, most businesses usually factor this when pricing their goods and services. Finding cheaper electricity supplies definitely denotes that the price of their goods will also come down.

The next benefit realized from deregulation concerns the environment. Such a move renders consumers as more demanding when it comes to services. By so doing, players in market are able to come up with environmental friendly ways of producing electricity. Such a move will come a long way in curbing the increase in pollution thus protecting the environment.

Deregulation also ensures that customers get the best service they need. Some providers who are lacking a little in customer service department can be compelled to increase the level of client satisfaction. Clients who find a company with a lousy customer care will be in a position to drop them and select another. Customer service is key in every operation of a business hence need to be treated with the seriousness concerned.

There will also be an increase in the number of job opportunities. Monopolistic companies do not want other players to join the market hence strive in pushing for regulation. However, deregulation has opened doors for other service providers to set up businesses hence giving the locals a chance to be employed in the new firms.

As it has been seen, deregulation is an important move that aids in helping set up healthy business environments. In the situations of healthy competitions, it is the customers who will benefits in the long run. Power supply is also critical for the functionality of an entity. It will only be fair if the suppliers are given the freedom to operate and this can be made real through deregulation.

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