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What Women Need To Know To Protect Themselves From Attacks

June 1, 2016 by  
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Even in this day and age, women are still being mistreated in cruel and hurtful ways. Fortunately, females everywhere are not taking this kind of abuse anymore by learning to how defend themselves from harm. Join in on this revolution of empowerment by knowing the details on protecting your well being as a woman by reading the important guidelines listed below.

Your first priority should be to take a self defense class. You do not have to be the next karate kid girl, but it helps to be well prepared in potentially life threatening situations by learning fight moves that could protect you from harm. Whether you choose to do Krav Maga or mixed martial arts, there is something out there that is right for your needs.

Become more aware of your immediate surroundings when your intuition tells you that danger is afoot. This is vital because you must make quick assessments in terms of whether there are nearby witnesses or any viable escape routes you could take. Clear your mind of any distractions and you may just be able to get out of a potentially dangerous situation unscathed.

Never show any signs of timidness because this is what attackers will exploit to their advantage. Bad people often target women who act scared or appear physically weak since their assumption is that these girls will easily crumble during a confrontation. Subvert their expectations by proving them wrong and facing your fears head on with absolute confidence.

Knowing when to fight and how to do it is essential because this could mean the difference between life and death. You must fight back when you notice that the culprit does not possess any dangerous weapons on his person. But if he happens to have a gun or a switchblade, you should be very careful not to let yourself get hurt in the process of defending yourself.

Additionally, just because you do not have any weapons with with does not mean that you are completely defenseless. Treat your own body as a weapon in case of emergencies by using your fists and feet to punch and kick your way to freedom. Vital attack zones that will cause extreme pain to your offender will include the genitals and the eyes.

Be resourceful whenever someone is invading your presence with bad intentions. The ability to think spontaneously and creatively shall prove useful in the face of danger. For instance, you can convert a pen as a makeshift knife to stab someone in fleshy and sensitive areas, or perhaps utilize your umbrella as an improvised spear to jab the assailant in the stomach.

Never forget to scream and shout for help so other people can hear that you are under attack. Most people who want to cause you harm dislike attracting attention, so thwart their plans by being as loud as you can possibly go so that they will be deterred from carrying through with their malicious plans. Yelling for help can also bring in witnesses who may come to your aid.

Never be afraid to defend yourself when strangers are coming to impose their wicked ways. Adhere to these helpful guidelines so that you can prevent such attacks from blowing out of proportion. Trust your instincts and never hesitate to be in control.

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