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What Is Required For One To Be Eligible For HUD Housing

June 8, 2016 by  
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Not everyone is blessed with a decent abode that will keep him or her safe from harsh weather and criminals. The government founded the HUD housing project that is responsible for providing suitable houses for those citizens that are needy. The housing authority has built many houses that are supposed to be assigned to the elderly, the low-income earners and people with disabilities. To be eligible for this program, there are requirements set up by the officials. These conditions are set up to keep away those who would want to get free housing unlawfully.

The government is very strict in knowing the income you get yearly or monthly. This is to determine if your financial status reflects if you are sincerely needy. Some people like to get free things while they can quickly earn them by themselves. To be eligible, you must be below eighty percent of the average of money made by people in your area. If you are below the set limit, then you are allowed to apply for this program.

The government has to know the number of family members that live in your home. You must provide your age, marital status among other things. This is important because if you are found deserving, they can be able to give you a house that will fit all the people you live with comfortably.

To qualify for this program, you must provide the proof that you are a legal citizen of the country. This means that you have to show your identification card to the relevant authorities. Every member of your family must also be a citizen unless the constitution exempts some of them. This is done to keep away illegal immigrants who came into the country using devious means.

The department is very strict about the social security number. Every family member must provide the documents showing that they have the number. If any of the people you live with have no documentation, you are automatically disqualified from this process. Children who are six years and below can be exempted of the parents show that the kids have never been assigned with the number.

Some families have many children. If you have children that are above the age of eighteen, they will also be required by the authority to sign a consent form. The head of the family and the partner need to sign the forms regardless of their age. If you happen to be illiterate, the officials will guide you on how to fill the forms.

People who have criminal records are out of luck because they are not allowed to apply for this facilities no matter how needy they are. The department carries out a thorough criminal background check to ensure that you and the members of your family have clean records. The department liaise with the police, sex offenders registry, and the federal bureau of investigation to determine if you are clean or not.

The government gives help to those who work for more than twenty hours in a week. You should show that at least you are an industrious citizen who if given the chance can play a role in the economy of the country. You should not have very many debts that exceed the income you earn.

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