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Ways To Promote Anti Bullying

April 25, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

The amount of bullying in schools normally tends to be downplayed or underestimated by most adults. What adults should in fact realize is bullying is a serious and widespread problem that needs to be addressed immediately if they are to safeguard their children and create a safer and conducive environment for learning. The following are some of the ways that Anti Bullying can be achieved.

Be keen. Various warning signs exists that point out a bullying problem. Such pointers include, injuries, destroyed or lost items, avoidance of school, changes in eating habits, among others. However, not all kids will exhibit such warning signs, and some may go further to hiding them. This is where you really need to be keen. Ensure that you engage your child on a day to day basis and ask questions that will encourage an effective conversation.

Taking serious note on it. Never come with assumptions that a situation might be just a simple tease. Be aware that children cope differently, and a friendly tease to one may be an upsetting and humiliating act to the other. Supposing you find a student feeling anyway threatened, take precautions and assure him or her that you will be there in case of any help he or she may be in need of.

React whenever you notice something. Ensure you intervene within time before you even interpret whether a problem exists between students. Never brush it off as childish play and they will get over it. Some students never do, and this may affect them for the rest of their life. Make sure that you address any questionable behavior.

Being calm. Whenever you are intervening, never take sides. Make sure to maintain respect you would wish the students to portray. Supposing the confrontation was physical, first ensure no one is hurt, and provide help to any injured student. Bystanders should be asked to carry on with their respective activities and take the students in question to safety.

Deal with involved students privately. Do not make attempts of solving things publicly. The students involved should not communicate to one another and bystanders should not be allowed to give their opinions. Instead, converse one-on-one with the students in question and include a bystanders to outline what happened. This will help everyone to give their side of the story independently without worrying of what the others will tell or think.

Listen and do not make prejudgment. There are chances that the student you may suspect of being the bully is actually a retaliating victim. It could also be a result of an undiagnosed health condition or mental or psychological issue. Instead of rushing to make conclusions that are unjustified, take your time and listen to each student.

Holding bystanders accountable. Bystanders provide audience bullies in addition to encouraging it. Make them aware that such behavior will not be tolerated and instead they should make efforts to stop it. Let them realize that you are a caring person who they can turn up to in case they get bullied, notice or suspect bullying within the school.

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