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Victims Speak Out Regarding Bullying Prevention

April 6, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

It is not always to know what to do about bullying. Parents may begin to realize that there are certain behavioral signs in their kids, but it can be difficult to know how to approach this. These days there are more workshops available which help parents and teachers with bullying prevention. They help them to recognize the signs and symptoms so this does not become a problem in their lives.

Parents and teachers should know what to look for and be aware of victims who are displaying signs of being bullied. They may find that they have lost interest in past activities, they are not participating in class, they are not socializing with friends and they are often anxious.

Children become anxious when they start to receive texts or log onto their social media accounts. They don’t know what to do or where to turn in a case like this and become depressed. They may feel that parents will act in a negative way, especially when a bully is threatening them. Words can be extremely harmful at this age and rumors spread.

These communities mostly consist of victims who have been bullied in the past. It is a way in which they are able to heal by expressing how they feel and telling the world how wrong it can be. At the same time, one is able to reach out to victims and bullies who may feel that this is simply not the right way to deal with anger and frustration.

Schools will also need to educate children about bullies and how to stand up to them. When this comes to cyberbullying, it is often best to ignore comments because this can have a worse effect on one and the person will become even more anxious and depressed. They will start to sleep badly and dread going to school every day.

Sometimes children won’t talk to their parents. However, when you spend a couple of minutes with your kids talking to them and asking the questions, they may feel inclined to confide in you. Ask them about the day and their friends. Ask them about their life at school and whether anything bad has been happening. This will establish more of a connection.

When a victim does come forward, parents and teachers will have to find a way to handle this in the most effective way. This starts with the appropriate treatment. Psychologists specialize in this, so one must find a therapist that deals with this because they will help boost their confidence levels. They will also work with their self esteem.

Bullies also start to see the consequences of their actions. Very often they think that this is simply innocent and just a little bit of fun. This especially relates to bullies who are much younger and are reacting because of their own problems. When they start to see the impact it has on others, they are filled with remorse, and begin to stop.

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