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Using A Firm For Book Restoration

June 26, 2016 by  
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Many people will have old books in their possession that they can no longer read because they are badly worn and in poor condition. Many of these texts will be hundreds of years old and may have been in storage for years. There are Book restoration companies that carry out this specialist work and will bring these old publications back to life.

If you need to locate a firm to do this specialist work on your books then a good starting point is to search the net. You will find many companies that list their services online and the sites will provide the information you need. Many of the web pages will have pictures of books they have restored and they will have a review section with feedback from satisfied customers.

When you first make contact with a company to enquire about the restoration work they will ask you about the book and ask you to send it to them for an assessment. The specialists will then inspect your volume and work out what work they will need to do. The company will then quote you for the work and it is a good idea to get a few estimates if you can so that you can make price comparisons.

Many sections of a book can become damaged or worn and they can all be restored to near original condition. The cloth or leather coverings can be replaced and the stitches which hold it together can be renewed. Pages can be repaired and text reprinted in the same fonts as the original if it is illegible due to wear.

One of the most common problems with an old book is that the paper will become badly worn and acidic. The restorers will use their expertise to remove the acid by using a washing technique which will repair the paper. These techniques are very specialized and the costs involved will be fairly high.

One of the most popular enquiries that the restoration firms get is to work on family bibles. Most of these books will be leather bound with beautiful color illustrations which become faded over time. The companies can re bind these bibles and carry out work on the pages to return them to almost new without taking away the original appearance.

Another useful service offered by the restoration firms is to make protective covers for your volumes. Custom made to measure boxes are made to keep the restored book in and this will give it more protection for the future. It makes financial sense to protect your books after spending money having them restored and it will avoid having to pay for future repairs.

The prices you will pay for having restoration work done will depend on what needs doing. Most firms will charge by the hour and the longer it takes to do the job, the more you will be charged. Materials will be added to your bill if they are used in the repairs. Many firms will also offer an aftercare service to look after your volumes in the future.

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