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Tips Regarding Campus Emergency Prepardness

May 25, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Oftentimes, colleges and universities usually fall prey to attacks and violent activity that endanger lives of students and generally people in the institution. To avoid such ugly scenarios, it is thereby very paramount to ensure that everybody in the institution is taught how to properly respond to such-like situations. Campus emergency prepardness greatly helps in minimizing instances of crimes and other hazardous situations in the learning centers.

The first step is promoting awareness. This is arguably one of the most obvious ways of avoiding dangerous conditions. Staying away from the places that have been publicly declared unsafe is one of the most prudent things to prevent danger. Some other goods ideas include walking in pairs or groups especially during nighttime, parking only on lighted places and with people visible, staying very alert in public places, and always being vigilant on all exits.

Step two is always feeding dependable personnel with any information about any questionable dealings or words by suspicious-looking people. If reports by a leading emergency agency based in United States are anything to go by, people who intend to wreck havoc by using weaponry are more likely to unknowingly announce their intentions, through weird doings or also words they speak. Such signs should therefore be critically taken into account.

If you notice such signs, you should not ignore them because they could lead to the aversion of serious danger. The best action would be first and foremost informing reliable stakes like security personnel working in or around your college, police officer, a member of faculty, an adviser, etc. This is a strategy that can aid in preventing the violence from happening.

After sharing the information, you should also talk about it. Engage reasonable stakes in what should be done, to avert the crisis. Talk to people around you, for instance friends and relatives, colleagues, roommates, etc. You may also consider asking your faculty to spend some time in your class to discuss what to do, and extensively dig into the various options that there may be, for the classroom. People will thus contribute freely, and in the long run, a viable solution can be arrived at.

Then, action can be sprung into. People should be taught on how to act, depending on the precise situation on the ground. Basically, there exists three ways of acting to threats, running from it, and hiding or also fighting. These three mechanisms have been confirmed to be very effective when it comes to protecting yourself in times of dangerous incidents. If running becomes tricky based on the specific circumstance, hiding can be opted.

Hiding should however be done in a safe, lockable and preferable silent place, with minimal activity. When these two steps are not possible, then you can consider fighting back. This is however very difficult and risky, since the gunman might outweigh you. You can use all your strength or any nearby item to disarm and neutralize the culprit.

In conclusion, these are the basic ways of ensuring you avert getting harmed in a dangerous encounter. It is very fundamental to learn on how unsafe circumstances are responded to. It is therefore of great essence to ensure you always keep yourself safe by learning the techniques.

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