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Tips On How To Handle Campus Crisis Planning

February 23, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

A crisis is basically any situation that is expected to bring about unstable and dangerous circumstances in the community. Such events are known to be detrimental changes in the economic, societal, political, security and environmental affairs as well. The effects are especially catastrophic when the ordeal happens abruptly. Campuses are most prone to such activities since they accommodate young, vigilant and easily impressionable individuals. Campus crisis planning is best done early in time.

The preparation period is the most important. This time is used to secure the resources that will be used in ensuring continued human survival. Without prior planning and management, so much damage will be done and the losses will be unbearable. Planning therefore is performed as to limit casualties due the calamity being dealt with. Stake holders should be taken into account during this venture.

Before providing solutions, it is best that the kind of problem is categorized. The various categories of predicament include technological, malevolence, rumors, workplace, confrontations and organizational misdeeds. The solution has to be tailor made for the particular kind of catastrophe being experienced in the campus. A good management platform will first of all have prior information and therefore predict the calamity. The people in danger can be given prior warning.

Information is the most important resource when it comes to dealing these calamities in a closed community such as campus. Having numerous outlets for information will lead to provision of contradicting data and hence loss of confidence. To avoid this, a team to take charge of information sharing channels must be created. Campus leaders can be used for this activity. Other influential members of society could be given strategic roles in this team as well.

Not just any people can address the students on how to go about this issue. A spokesperson should be selected to specifically handle passing on information to the other stakeholders. Issuing out information should be limited to the a few channels as to effectively manage the issue. This person should have been trained, prescreened and proven to have not only the strategic position but also right skills.

In preparation for the actual work, this spokesperson should be offered more training so that he or she can update their skills and capabilities. Possession of general skills is crucial, to be an effective disaster management spokesperson, one has to have special skills and capabilities. The instructor should be a person with experience in this kind of issues.

Before embarking on any reconciliatory measures, it is crucial that the stakeholders in the situation are made known. Failure to do this will lead to the creation of one sided solutions that could simply worsen the condition. Considering both inside and external stake holders will make strategic planning a lot easier for the management team. Having a holding statement will save this team a lot of trouble.

Evaluation of damages and other consequences in the campus premises is due at this juncture. Being a management procedure, it is aimed at dealing with the damages that have been incurred. After concrete data has been gotten, the holding statement should be dropped and post crisis analysis ventures commenced.

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