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Things To Learn From David Irwin

May 3, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

J. Irwin David is a renowned American Electrical Engineer and author. He was born in Minnesota, in Minneapolis. He majored in the fields of Electrical Networks, as well as Industrial Electronics. He was awarded his academic credentials at the Auburn University and University of Tennessee where he schooled. He has penned down many different famous textbooks in Electrical Engineering and other suchlike related fields. David Irwin is the former Head of Electrical Engineering at the Auburn University.

Currently, Irwin is Earle Williams Scholars. Formerly, he headed the department of Electrical Computers Engineering Dept. ECE, at Auburn College. He has long served as the head of ECE globally. It should be noted that he was appointed in 1973 as the lead of the then Electrical Engineering, at Auburn College. In addition, he had been the president of prestigious ECE honors Society popularly known as Eta Kappa Nu. He was also the chief president of USA Electrical Engineers Association. On top of that, he was president of two technical societies of IEEE, on Education alongside Industrial Electronics.

Professor Irwin has received many awards, in honor of his unmatched contributions in engineering. He has been awarded by many engineering organizations. For example, in 1984, IEEE awarded him a Centennial medal and an Undergraduate teaching recognition in 1998. IEEE further awarded him a Third Millenniums Medal in 2000. The same year, he was medalled with the coveted Richard Emberson Medal.

He was also rewarded with ASEE ECE Distinguished educators Medal in 2001. In 1985, the Society of US Military Engineers awarded him with a Bliss medal. IEEE Education Activity Board gave him a Meritorious Service Citations award in 1991. In 2006, he was awarded the highly reputed and prestigious Vice President Recognition medal, otherwise called the deputy head of state commendation award.

This award was based on his impeccable contribution for his long and distinguished track record and service to IEEE in areas of Education, technical as well as publication. He has since been affectionately viewed or known by majority of his students, as the coach largely for his humble and meek teaching circuits. His teaching modes have made him very popular and a favorite amongst students who are truly interested in learning.

Many of his students have lauded his sterling teaching styles, terming them as down to earth and very effective learning tools. He has been applauded as being one of the most proficient and still humble engineering educators of all times. Students who truly are passionate about learning electronics or engineering in general have shown affection to his remarkable teaching styles. This is why his students call him Coach.

His authorship prowess is also noteworthy. He has written many groundbreaking books in engineering, and this has extended his popularity in not only the ECE, but the engineering communities in general. Examples of significant books he has ever penned include Basics Engineering Circuit Analyses, Essentials of Electrics and Computer Engineering, among others.

In light of all his awards and accomplishments, clearly this Irwin is a personality to behold in engineering. He is among the most reputed professors in Engineering, and it is can be further endorsed by his being appointed as a Fellow and consultant in many notable engineering schools and institutions such as IEEE and ASEE.

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