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The World Is Different All Because Of African American Women In History

April 5, 2016 by  
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Being a top a woman in the society, calls for hard slog and willpower. Previously, men did not view women as they do in the present day. Women have a right of communication contrasting the past. Some whites were racist and for black African-American lady to be successful was hard. We have those that stood firm on certain believes and fought for their civil rights and are today called the African American women in History.

The list showing names of these brave women who live to be remembered is endless. Naming a few, they consisted of; Ella Baker, Septima Poinsette Clark, Daisy Bates, Diane Nash, Fannie Lou Hamer, Serena Williams, Dorothy Height, Anna Arnold, Michelle Obama and so many more. What makes all these women recognized is because of the role each has played in influencing the society positively.

Ella Barker who is remembered as a civil rights leader who was very active. For fifty years, she worked with activists for the welfare of the citizens. She was a force to be reckoned as the most activists she worked along with were male. She is remembered for quoting that she was never making news stories; instead, she would focus on putting together information that would bring in organizations that will help in her endeavors. She also believed that strong people should not have to depend on strong leaders.

Diane Nash was a civil Rights activist too and part of the disreputable Freedom Riders. She gave a helping hand in founding the SNCC. Born and raised in Chicago, she first wanted to become a nun because of her catholic upbringing but eventually became an activist.

Septima Poisette Clark is another iconic lady referred to as Grandmother during her days with the American Civil Rights Movement. Her major role was voting for the civil rights of African-American. Working with NAACP in the year 1920, she helped in gathering petitions that would allow blacks to become principals or rather the headteachers in Charleston schools. She also taught literacy to some blacks adults. For that, she was awarded by President Jimmy Carter in 1979 in the Living Legacy Award category.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired was Fannie Lou Hamer famous quote. She was young when she became a voting rights activist and civil rights activist. She helped organize the Mississippi freedom summer for the students later becoming vice chair of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. She died in 1977 of breast cancer aged 59.

Daisy Bates was known as an activist, writer, and publisher. She had a leading role in the Little Rock integration crisis in 1957. Before then, her husband together had a newspaper known as Arkansas State Press which was a voice of the People Civil Rights. In her home state of Arkansas, she is celebrated every third Monday of the month of April.

Women rights movement is women fighting for their equal rights as men. It focuses on them gaining property rights, rights for women to vote, reproduction rights and the right to get paid equally after work. Most of the African American women in the history, they helped change on the perception of women in society by giving them equal rights.

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