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The sexual response cycle I: The Excitement

April 12, 2012 by  
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This week I will start speaking to you of the human sexual response, which can be described as a cycle of four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. We turn now to the first, the excitement. Next week we!

In women, the first sign of sexual arousal is vaginal lubrication, which begins 10 to 30 seconds after sexual stimulation.

The cause of this lubrication is vasoconstriction of the vaginal walls: Vaginal discharge first occurs in the form of isolated droplets flowing in succession and eventually wet the entire internal surface of the vagina.

In the initial phase of excitation, the amount of fluid is sometimes so low that neither we nor our partner what they say. According increases lubrication can fall out of the canal and moisten the lips and vaginal opening, which will always depend on the position at which the woman is and the kind of sex play is performed.

The density, amount or odor vary from woman to woman, and the same woman also varies from time to time.

Contrary to popular belief, girls and importantly, the amount of lubrication does not necessarily indicate the degree of sexual arousal in women, and the fact that there is vaginal lubrication does not mean that women are “ready” for intercourse.

The lubricant facilitates penis insertion and gently push the movement, preventing women feel discomfort or pain during the act.

Besides other changes occur during this phase we:

– The 2/3 inside of the vagina expand, cervix and uterus are pushed upward and the outer lips of the vagina flatten and open.

– The inner lips of the vagina and the clitoris are enlarged increases in size as a result of vasoconstriction.

– The nipples become rigid at small contracting muscle fibers and veins of the breasts become more visible resulting in an enlargement of the breasts.

In man, the most prominent sign of the excitement is the erection of the penis, which occurs within seconds. It should, as women, to vasoconstriction. The blood flows rapidly and fills the spongy tissue of the penis.
However this may be the case that man is not physically or psychologically excited to have an erection for nervousness or fatigue.
In addition, scrotal folds gradually smoothed and testes closer to the body, slightly increasing its size.

There may be variations in both sexes in sexual arousal, due to several reasons:

– Physical or mental distractions such as listening to loud noise, a phone call or a grunt untimely guts.

– The changes of pace or technique is direct stimulation.

– The concerned when sexual activity is paralyzed momentarily causes unease decrease arousal. This is not to worry because, like all biological processes, it also suffers fluctuations. This does not mean anything happen!

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