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The Black History Month Activities Missouri Celebrates

February 29, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

In the UK, the United States and Canada there is a yearly observance called black history month. In the UK it is celebrated in October and in the United States and Canada it is celebrated in February. This remembrance is for the people and events that have shaped the past of people from these countries of African descent. There is a large amount of black history month activities Missouri residents choose to keep themselves occupied with.

There are many varied activities one can experience in the state of Missouri during this time period. African Americans have contributed a lot to this American state and have helped it become what it is today. So the activities are spread far and wide over the state.

There are many activities held. A few of them will be at the state museum. There will be a series of talks that are centred around a platoon of urban soldiers that fought in the American civil war. They were the first black platoon to be involved in combat during that war. The museum is home to many different objects that reveal what life was like during the time the talks are centred on, so it a must do activity.

Cultural centres will also be holding interactive exhibits of important African American union organisations, and their leaders. In doing so they hope to educate more people on this important part of urban heritage. Union workers were the backbone of the blue collar workforce in America and fought for their right to be paid equally and be treated fairly.

There will be guided walking tours offered in state parks around the state as well. Many parks in this state have been shaped and have architecture that was built by a African American company. The tours will show off these buildings and landmarks . These tours are a valuable insight on how much of the state parks beauty has been contributed to by African Americans.

There will be activities at various sites of historical significance around the state as well. Depending on the site there will be exhibits or speeches given about their significance. The sites histories are mainly to do with slavery in that region and they also showcase the areas of residency that were predominantly urban and the past behind them as well as the people and products that came out of this area.

The notion of celebrating black identity has been around since 1926. However it was only in 1976 that it was officially recognized by the United States government as being black history month. The US was the first country to put it’s official seal on it. It was only In 1987 and 1995, the UK and Canada respectively recognized the remembrance as official.

The observation of urban history for 4 weeks is an important calendar event. What is more important is having black background more integrated into our society as a whole. So that we recognize it not just one month out of the year but for the whole year. Literature, Education, Art and the media are all aspects that must be looked at to truly let the successes of the African population in these countries shine through.

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