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The Adventures Of The Last Caddy

March 16, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

This is the story of a man who has the opportunity to work with many famous people around the world. He devoted his life to his work because he loves it. Being the last one before they become obsolete and not very important anymore. Especially when he tries to recall his stories. Instead of hiring many workers, they used golf carts.

Despite the news, he does feel discourage. And is still on his post and continue his job. Because he is dedicated and continue to help people playing golf. It gives him a lot of advantage before. The job as the last caddy is considered as a great job he had. And it gives him bitter sweet memories. Because of experiences that taught him.

He met all the famous players in the globe. And even the finest players that are very popular now. They have brief encounter before caddies become obsolete. He never give up his job despite of everything. He is on his old spot wanting to do his work he used to before.

There is a lot of lessons learned from his experienced. And it gives him a chance to know his birth place better and the people in the neighborhood. He never moved to other places because he loved his fellowmen and he has so much love for the place. He does not have a perfect life but remained hopeful and consistently motivated. Because of the many individuals who has showed loved to him.

His story is able to give so much motivation to the world. And it never stops there. When he went out going to buy something. He talks to them. And shared the story. And people are stunned and happy. The humor is always present. The way he talks and sad stories become light and instead appreciate them.

He has told many people to love their job and learn as they go along. Make friends but never gets too close with them. Because the time will come that they will have to leave and will never come back. Most of them will come and go. To those who are left behind and would stay with you is only your family.

His adventures and real life experiences provide a lot of lessons to everyone. The way he is with others, how much he loved his job, his life was an open book, and many more. He emphasized on family and said, never take them for granted. If all the rest is gone, your family will always be here whatever would happen.

When the time has come, that he made his final decision to leave his work. This gives him a chance to meet different kinds of individuals from all walks of life. Because some co workers think he has no life at all. But he does not regret anything that has happened. He appreciates everything and never forgets the lesson he learned. And imparted it to others.

It was not all happy moments. There comes a time that he wanted to give up. But he never did but instead he channel his sadness for making new friends in the community. When he recalls that story, it was bittersweet with no regrets anything that have happened. He embraced the life with no regrets. And thankful to some who have helped him until this time.

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