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Texas Mobile Homeowner Insurance

April 26, 2013 by  
Filed under Finance

Mobile Homeowner Insurance doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg. A number of premium discounts exist for Texas mobile homeowners that can save them a considerable annual percentage on mobile homeowner insurance premiums. Mobile homeowners should be aware of all important areas in which they can save money on their premiums. Texas Auto Home Insurance seeks to provide not only information on mobile homeowner insurance, but also data on how clients can contribute to reducing their overall mobile home expenses.

As the mobile home ages, it suffers natural weathering and deterioration that can affect not only its value, but also the cost of insurance for mobile home coverage. The roof and siding are two vital areas to protect in order to insure the best premiums and the most comfortable living experience in the dwelling itself. Texas Auto Home Insurance can help you anticipate and counter deterioration and depreciation of your mobile home’s value, and we can help you subsequently lower your monthly premiums on mobile homeowner insurance. The following are a few basic steps that anyone can take toward reducing the cost of mobile homeowner insurance and improving the quality of life in their mobile home.

Older mobile homes can often spring leaks that can lead to subsequent water damage. Carriers will view such dwelling as higher risk and therefore charge higher premiums for mobile homeowner insurance because there is a greater risk for claims inherent in the dwelling. Homeowners can do something about this, however, by conducting routine inspections of their roof and siding to check for signs of weathering that could cause leaking and damages in the future. Roof “puddling” or standing water on the roof is a sign of bad things to come as it signals forthcoming deterioration and leaks that cause substantial interior damage. If you discover puddling on your roof, you can usually repair it by applying new roof coating to seal off any cracks forming in the material. New roof coating not only prevents leaks but also may reflect sunrays allowing for a cooler summer in the home. Once completed, forward documentation of all repairs to your mobile homeowner insurance provider. That, along with a systematic and detailed annual report of the condition of your roof and siding, can be enough in many cases to justify a discount on mobile homeowner insurance premiums.

Maintaining siding is another key factor in obtaining lower mobile homeowner insurance premiums. Even a minor opening in the siding can invite wind and rain into the home. The average insurance company that advertises guaranteed, generic low rates usually assumes that an older mobile home automatically has problems with the siding. This assumption may not be the case for your home, but it can still cost you higher mobile homeowner insurance premiums if you don’t verify and maintain the condition of your siding and let your insurance company know.

If your mobile home is relatively new, preventative maintenance also works toward lowering premiums on mobile homeowner insurance. Consistent cleaning and caulking are two very cost effective ways to reduce effects of weathering on your siding. Adding awnings and attachments to the mobile home can create a coverage problem if your mobile homeowner insurance provider is not properly notified of the new addition . Remember to properly slant the additions to insure adequate drainage and prevent water from draining into the home.

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