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Taking A Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour

February 16, 2016 by  
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People who are interested in both history and the paranormal will love visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Located in Tidewater Virginia, this restored 18th century town is endlessly fascinating. It’s fun to see it during the day, when costumed staff recreate village life in all its facets: domestic, civic, and commercial. After dark, it’s spooky as well. A Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour is fun for the whole family, although they’re not for very young children.

The village is the largest outdoor history destination, with 175 acres and 160 buildings. Many of the structures are original to colonial times, while others have been recreated using old maps, drawings, and journals. Costumed re-enactors carry on activities usual to the 1700s, and Revolutionary War events shape many of the spectacles you’ll see during the day. All of this is incorporated into the ghost tours, and more.

Several companies in Williamsburg offer paranormal walking tours of the village and the campus of William and Mary College, founded in 1695 (before the town). Some cover a mile of the streets and graveyards, while others actually take you into some of the more haunted buildings. The customer reviews online always mention the guides, with praise for their knowledge, friendliness, and storytelling abilities.

The tours take approximately one hour, and tickets start at $13 per person of any age. The tours involve a lot of walking and are held rain or shine, so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the season. Reviews posted online are almost all raves, especially from those who love history as well as ghost stories. The words ‘spooky’ and ‘chilling’ occur over and over in the reviews, so the ghostly element is definitely there.

EMF meters can be carried, which add to the fun. These devices are scientific meters that measure electromagnetic fields and are standard equipment for ghost hunters. Although ghosts are not guaranteed on a tour, those who’ve gone report changes in the magnetic activity around them, especially near original graveyard walls.

Pirates were hanged, too. Visitors often swear to hearing wooden wagon wheels rumbling down the streets or outlying roads. Some ghosts are more domestic; one regularly takes a bath in her former residence (maybe not former; say, her long-time residence) although she and her bathwater are not visible to the living eye. Women in flowing robes are fairly common, as are the shades of suicides and young ladies dead before their time.

Tickets can be easily secured online. Reservations are a must; the tours do not accept people who just show up. There are meeting places, directions, and information about parking on the websites, as well as customer reviews. These tours are highly regarded in the industry, some being listed in the Top Ten of Ghost Tours nationwide and even rated among the best of all sightseeing tours.

The Williamsburg ghosts have had centuries to congregate and seem to enjoy revealing themselves to residents and visitors. Go online for all the details you’ll need to plan an otherworldly excursion.

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