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Successful Part-Time Forex Trading

May 28, 2009 by  
Filed under Forex Market

You may not be able to trade in the foreign exchange market full-time due to your career commitments or schedule. However, it is possible to trade even if your spare time is limited.

Currency Pairs

If you have limited time available, it is best to trade currency pairs that are most active at the times when you are available. The best time for you to trade would be during the hours when volumes peak as this will guarantee liquidity. Liquidity is the ability to get rid of a position and this is easier to achieve when there is more activity in the market. If your hours are limited because you have a day job during normal business hours, your availability will be early morning and after 5:00pm. You will have to decide the best time to trade based on your currency pairs.

It is advised that beginners who do not have experience in the market trade with the US dollar and another major currency. The other major currencies include the Euro, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, British pound, Australian and Canadian dollars.

The pair that is most frequently chosen is the US dollar to Euro and most part-time forex traders should choose this pair. You will be able to find sufficient relevant information regarding this pair either online or in print. Once you gain more experience you can consider other currency pairs.

Automated System

You may want to do your own trades, but you also have the alternative to opt for an automated program that will do the trades on your behalf. There are several programs available and they offer a range of functions. Some of the programs monitor real-time prices, place orders, pick up on suitable spread and then do the trade on your behalf.


Use a strategy that does not require constant monitoring of your trades. To achieve success, you should consider using an automated platform, particularly if you are a beginner in this financial market. This will allow you to learn more about forex trading as it will provide you with more free time.


Forex traders who opt to do their own trading and not rely on automation must be disciplined. It is advised that you pocket your profits when you make it, rather than pushing for higher profits. As you do not have the time available to constantly monitor your trades, you will be best placed to follow this strategy and stick to it. Trends change rapidly in this market and as a part-time trader, you may not be aware of the reason for the sudden shift.

Part-time traders with no experience should commence trading in small amounts. Your best option would be to open a mini account. This type of account requires a smaller initial deposit than the standard trading account.

Part-time traders are able to show profits with forex trading, however it requires discipline and an emotionally detached attitude to maintain this position. If you are a beginner, you should consider automated trading software to allow you the time to trade whilst learning the details about the market.

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