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Steps Involved In Understanding And Using English Grammar

February 17, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

English is the most used language today based on its simplicity. It comprises of several parts of speech that govern how people construct meaningful phrases. There are therefore various steps involved in understanding and using English grammar. These steps are used by learners accordingly for effective learning. In addition, those who are seeking to pursue this course of action can seek technical help from proficient individuals.

Verbs as doing words form an integral part of a sentence. This is because their absence makes a word phrase meaningless. They depict human actions and how things exist in a particular context. Learners who are seeking to sharpen their linguistic abilities should form a habit of conjugating verbs. This ensures that their fluency levels in speaking and writing increases overtime. Furthermore, elites in the past asserted that practice makes perfect.

Adjectives are additionally essential in grammatical compositions since they describe occurrences, people and things. The utilization of adjectives should be at par with the verbs and people or things being described. This is because they act as complements and critics to real life happenings. Adjectives can also appear before a verb or after depending on the issue being addressed in a word phrase. For example, story tellers utilize them to form mental pictures hence enhancing comprehension of the listeners.

Nouns as naming words also play a crucial role in determining the coherence of a linguistic phrase. This means that absence of nouns in any sentences deems a sentence incomprehensible. There are cases where people incorporate pronouns as substitutes of nouns while generally maintaining the meaning of a sentence. Pronouns should appropriately fall into place to avoid grammatical errors. Furthermore, both pronouns and nouns undergo transitioning depending on where they are used.

The comprehension of languages relies on the ability of individuals to appropriately utilize prepositions. This is because there are instances where people want to depict locations, time or directions. Prepositions are simply used with nouns and pronouns to introduce objects. This approach makes sentence construction meaningful. Caution must however be practiced based on how individuals choose the correct preposition for a particular object.

There are instances where people use certain words to join a string of sentences. These words are collectively referred to conjunctions for they join words and sentences together. Their use is prevalent in written texts and spoken words. For instance, in literary pieces, writers utilize them to foster the flow of ideas hence enabling the readers to comprehend a master piece.

Punctuation marks have diverse uses in the comprehension and utilization of languages. Examples are commas, full stops and exclamation marks. These standardized marks depict certain changes in a sentence. For instance, when individual want to complete a word phrase, they utilize full stop. In other cases where they prefer using interrogative speech, question marks are appropriate. The use of punctuations also enables individuals to form paragraphs out of writings.

Languages are basically utilized amidst writing and speaking endeavors to depict various things. Individuals use it as a means to express their feelings while others use it to express creativity in literary works such as poetry and songs. These application contexts should objectively foster social interactions amongst human beings.

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