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Sights On The Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour

February 22, 2016 by  
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Some cities in the country have more history that others. These places, are always likely to attract people in search of the supernatural. A colonial Williamsburg ghost tour allows you to indulge in that field. This is an independent city found in the state of Virginia.

It is an independent city within the state. The economy is supported by tourism, mainly fueled by the historic part of the city. It was established in the sixteen hundreds as a settlement. A large part of the downtown area was historically restored, due to the efforts of Doctor Goodwin in order to celebrate the American patriots. The town has be redone in a way that perfectly replicates the colonial era.

Due to the renovations in the area, it gives you the feeling of being transported back to the colonial days. Old buildings also tend to be associated with hauntings the Peyton Randolph house is no exception. The first reported haunting, is of a soldier who stayed there when it was owned by the Pechy family. He is reported to have gotten ill and died . There is also a friendly spirit of a woman dressed in white gown and that of a girl who died after falling down the stairs.

One of the stranger hauntings is the Ludwell Paradise House. The house is supposedly haunted by Miss Ludwell who used to live there. She is said to have taken many baths during the day in an upstairs bathroom. The subsequent owners of this house have reported hearing the splashing sounds of water, but found no one in a room.

Wythe house, was owned by George Wythe in seventeen hundreds, given to him as a gift by his father. Later on it changed ownership to the Mr. And Mrs. Skipwith. It is said that Mrs. Skipwith committed suicide in the bedroom. People have reported hearing heels going up the stairs. Others also claim to see the silhouette of a woman, lingering around the stairs and in the bedroom.

Captain Blackbeard is one of most legendary pirates in history. It is said that after he was beheaded, fourteen people from his ship were caught. They were hung in the city and a road hangman road was then named after the experience. People have reported hearing strange sounds while on the road.

Most of these visits to the haunted areas are made in the night. With the darkness adding to the mystery of these places. Guided trips last sixty minutes, with one at eight and one at eleven. The guide will give detailed information about the places, and the former inhabitants. It is suitable for people of almost any age as long as you are curious enough. Most of them charge about ten dollars per person.

You do not have to be fascinated in the paranormal to go for the trip. You may also be a history fan and in this process will learn a lot about the history of the city. The trips can be made by people of any age because they have different categories to cater for younger children.

When you are searching for information about a colonial Williamsburg ghost tour, go to our web pages online here today. Further details can be seen at now.

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