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Sharepoint Designer Workflow

April 13, 2012 by  
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In the previous post we focused on the functionality provided by the management console. Remember, Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint can be downloaded from Quest. Today we will focus on theĀ sharepoint designer workflow and the possibilities provided by information portal.

Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint Information Portal

This is perhaps, of the three applications included Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint, the most easy and simple to use. Consisting of a simple Web application use, provides sharepoint 2010 usage reports, and the possibility of a rights management and access configuration. From the first link called Enterprise, located in the top navigation bar, we can obtain information from the current storage of our SharePoint architecture and a growth trend. This section provides detailed information storage for web applications, content databases, web applications, sites, document libraries or lists and documents or list items.

: Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint Information Portal

On the other hand, we can manage security and access settings through the rest of the links, can manage such security to any of the fields available vary depending on the link where we click (Farms, Web Applications, Site Collection and Sites) . Take, for example, we have implemented the project server and want to gather information quickly from the security settings of the site collection of our project server. From the portal information, so we should only access the level of the site collection to obtain various information such as metrics activated at the site, site permissions, user permissions or the use being made of the site. From any of those annotated links, you have a toolbar with options such as Revoke, Grant, Duplicate, Reassign, etc.. sharepoint 2010 change password web part and management and access privileges.

: Management of privileges from Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint Information Portal

Finally, to set the configuration to access the portal with administrative privileges, we have at the top right of the Settings link, which will allow us to inter alia provide that users can access the information portal.

In the next post we will see the possibilities they bring to the solution using the tool Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint Information Portal. Meanwhile, do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for Windows Technical News to keep you informed of news like this, and if you want to know more about the security of SharePoint, you can read the book “SharePoint 2010: Security.”

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