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Setting Up An Effective Campus Crisis Response Plan

March 13, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Higher institutions of learning have long been believed to enjoy a high degree of tranquility, which enables learners go about their academic and co-curricular activities without disruptions. Setting up an effective campus crisis response plan is important in ensuring the well-being of students and their lecturers during emergency situations. Recently, there have been sporadic attacks on these institutions. Such incidents have high casualty numbers because of the low level of disaster preparedness.

Enlightening students and personnel about disaster management is the most important thing to do when preparing them for such catastrophes. This will make them comprehend the measures that the administration has put in place to shield them from the effects of the crisis. They should be encouraged not to panic because this can hinder them from making straightforward decisions.

To enhance security in and around campuses, highly qualified security personnel must be hired by administrators. Funds should be set aside for security and disaster management operations. Security staff should be fully equipped so that they can carry out foot and vehicular patrols around the institutions. This way, disasters can be detected and prevented before they happen.

Crisis response centers should be set up on the university and college grounds to help evacuate victims in case of an urgent situation. Such stations will be the nerve centers of emergency rescue operations because that is where the police, ambulances and other relevant personnel will be contacted from. The facility must be centrally located on the campus grounds and be easily accessible to staff and students during the disaster.

A database containing mobile contacts and email addresses should be integrated into any crisis management plans because this is the only way information can be disseminated. During a tragedy, as many people as possible can be reached by a single text message, email or voice message. This can also be used to control the affected and move them to safer places where they can be helped.

Resources ought to be dedicated to the production of guidebooks. Such manuals must have guidelines on how those affected need to respond to a crisis, where to seek shelter and need to have necessary contacts through which assistance can be sought.

Maintenance of a symbiotic working relationship with the neighboring community and relevant state agencies is vital when coming up with an on-campus crisis response stategy. These are usually the first people to be contacted. Forming partnerships with them will ensure that during crises, their assistance can be easily gotten. Campus administrators however need to make arrangements to secure equipment such as fire engines and ambulances to avoid overstretching the available ones.

Finally, the plan needs to be looked into from time to time and kept updated so that any weak points are dealt with. New trends come up each passing day and therefore the plans need to be in conveyance with such changes. A psychologist should be at hand to help with any trauma cases after a calamity.

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