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Role Of English Tutor In Toronto

June 26, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Teachers, help students learn. Normally, there are different subjects that are taught in various institutions of leaning. Without the help of teachers, students find it hard to understand what is written in books. English tutor in Toronto is essential because he or she makes learning easy for betterment of students. In addition to that, tutors have a positive impact to writing skills of students. In places where English is taught as second language, learning is almost impossible without the help of a teacher. Other roles performed by tutors are discussed below.

Assessment; it is important to have good planning before beginning teaching process. Teachers working within the city of Toronto, ON are usually advised to commence by checking capability of students. This is essential for proper planning of lessons. There are different methods that may be used by teachers while assessing capability of students. They may be told to read, write or even speak to a tutor. With this kind of knowledge, an instructor is able to plan his or her lessons in an effective manner.

Grammar and also writing; intended information can only be passed as planned, if correct grammar and writing skills are observed during writing. If a teacher realizes that learners are making grammatical mistakes while writing, he or she has to correct them immediately for their own good. In other words, tutors perform roles of enhancing correction when learners make errors when writing. Essays and compositions are important in helping teachers, correct errors made by students.

Reading; this is a common art that is normally performed in day to day activities. People read newspapers, books and also instructions in various places. This means that reading skills are crucial to each and every individual. Tutors tend to instruct learners to read passages so as to gain these important skills. By reading passages aloud, one develops essential communication skills.

Speaking skills; it is advantageous when an individual speaks correct English with the right intonation and also pronouncing words as they should be pronounced. Tutors help students acquire correct speaking skills, which enable them speak without distorting information that needs to be passed. When mistakes are made while speaking, teachers are required to help by enhancing correction. Good teachers have the following features.

Communication skills; a nice English teacher should be capable of speaking correctly for betterment of students. Those who speak eloquently produce better results than those who do not. Positive teachers who teach with energy and enthusiasm are best performers. This is important in motivating learners, which is crucial for proper understanding.

Flexible; sometimes, there are conditions and changes that cannot be controlled by other individuals. Weather changes are uncontrollable by human beings. Weather may change in such a way that it impacts or hinders a teacher from attending his or her lesson. This is not the only challenge a teacher may experience. There are so many challenges that one is likely to face during the process of teaching. This means that flexibility is highly required. A flexible teacher is capable of changing style of teaching when conditions demand so.

Cultural awareness; it is important for an instructor to comprehend traditions and culture of his or her students. This is important because teacher will be able to understand the thinking of his or her students. When learners have a different language from that of a teacher, he or she should also try to learn the particular language.


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