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Practices Of Anti Bullying That Are Worth Embracing

March 1, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Bullying at school has increased at a tremendous rate due to laxity of teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. Creating a bully-free zone is the best strategy of improving both individual and general performance. Instances of bullied student carrying weapon in classroom are rampant. At times, the learners may suffer stress, depression, or engage in physical fight. Embracing anti bullying practices is the best method of eliminating indiscipline cases in institution. The responsibility of ensuring learners have good behaviour belongs to all the stakeholders ranging from principals, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders.

People believe elimination of bullying in schools is someone else responsibility. Set rules require to be embraced by every learner. Principal should learn to practice what they preach. They should never use their managerial status to make decisions. Before settling any dispute, it is imperative to listen to the different side of story before arriving to the decision. This is the best method of ensuring every stakeholder is geared toward achieving a suitable study environment. Leaders should address all the staff with diligence has a strategy of ensuring professionals and other stake holders are geared towards eliminating misconduct.

It is the duty of the principal to ensure everyone observes the set rules. The values of an institution must be respected at all times. Inviting a qualified professional to address students during workshops, conferences, and seminars is vital. Making sure all the stakeholders are comfortable with the set rules is a good idea. The children should develop a habit of reporting to inappropriate behaviours.

Adult supervision is a good strategy of creating a conducive study environment. An adult should visit different classes before lessons begin to check what the learners are doing. During the weekends at least to adults should be present within the compound of the institution. They should also visit the hallways, locker rooms, cafeterias, and stairwells. An adult should accompany the students as they are leaving for home until they all disperse. Making sure children understand why bullying is disadvantageous is paramount. They should grow up knowing how to treat their colleagues.

Holding dance competitions, debates, creative art activities, assemblies, and communication campaign is vital. The children are able to interact with others during these activities. They are able to establish meaningful relationship and eliminate instances of conflict. The theme of all these activities should be aimed at eliminating bullying.

Teacher can create bully-free areas by understanding the district policies, and treating with utmost respect. The teachers should listen to challenges that the students are dealing with. Holding debates within the classroom setting on impact of bullying is paramount. When an inappropriate behaviour is reported, taking immediate action is imperative.

Eliminating misconduct and indiscipline cases is also a responsibility of parents. They should discipline their children when they misbehave. They must establish a good relationship with their kids, and be eager to establish their experiences when they come back from school.

Parents should nature their children by training them to embrace mistreatment behaviours. What to avoid may range from pushing, teasing, to use of abusive language. What to do may include being kind, respectful, and getting an adult when someone is mean to them.

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