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Outlook Duplicate Contacts Remover

April 12, 2012 by  
Filed under Management

I remember when, some years ago, a client came with a big problem I had over five thousand emails in the inbox of your Outlook and all were duplicates. The easy way to remove duplicate emails in outlook was not easy either manually or did it resorted to a paid software. Neither option was nice.

We will not get in because you can duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook, but the fact is that when it happens we start to shake. Fortunately, thanks to outlook 2010 add-ins and  Outlook Duplicate Items Remover (ODIR) we can solve this in a simple and free.

To do this simply open ODIR, select the folder where you want to look and go. This will search outlook duplicate contacts , delivery dates and a series of criteria that make a tool ODIR quite reliable.

Anyway ODIR not eliminate duplicate items permanently, but that get into a folder called ODIR_duplicate where we see that the application has not gotten there an email you should not. From Engadget recommend that whenever you use such applications are made a thousand checks before removing anything permanently. But then come the cries and lamentations.

The application works with Microsoft Outlook, although its website does not indicate which version. In my case I tested with the 2003 and runs smoothly.

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