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Main Events To Occur During The Victorian Era

March 17, 2016 by  
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During the rule of Queen Victoria, the Great Britain experienced very many record marking events. Due to the leadership of this great ruler, these times were characterized by peace, national self confidence, refined sensibilities and immense success. Known as the Victorian era, times between 1837 and 1901 were quite evolutionary for England and the world at large. People had a change from rationalism to romanticism and mysticism in religion, social values and art as well.

This time experienced several massive changes and major history marking events. Among them was the Irish potato famine. Also known as, the great famine, the Irish potato famine was an occurrence historians cannot dare to forget. This catastrophe was triggered when microorganisms cleaned out potato crops from Irish farms. Being a staple food for the Irish, this caused a famine that lead to the death of up to one million people. In addition to that, several others had to emigrate. The famine took place between 1845 and 1852.

The work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels also took people by storm. These two people created the Communist Manifesto. Upon publication, this declaration caused a lot of turmoil. It affected the political ideology that people used to run communities at that time. It further led industrialization and hence migration of people from rural to urban areas in search for employment opportunities. His created a feeling of worker solidarity.

Later on in time, the Great Exhibition took place. This event was hosted in the magnificent crystal palace. During this exhibition, people from all parts of the world highlighted new and advanced technologies. The event was operational for up to five months. Revelers said that the exhibition came to represent the accomplishments of the Victoria era. Five years later in 1856, the Crimean war kicked off. This war was triggered by the victory of Russian military over the Ottoman Empire.

The Big Ben had no direct social, political or economic impact on the community. It however had its significance as the most celebrated landmark in London. After being cast, this bell was fixed into the Elizabeth tower. This monumental structure has ever since become a symbolic representation of the United Kingdom and London.

In 1857, after being threatened by the Indian rebellion, the British East Indian Company handed control over India back to the crown. An era of Imperial rule prevailed for several years. This was before the works of Mahatma Gandhi. The nonviolent crusade led by Gandhi brought this time to end as India gained its independence.

Just as we have Internet recently, the Victorian times used telegraph cables. By that time, these were very effective communication tools that turned the country into a small area. These cables were installed along the Atlantic Ocean and run from Nova Scotia to Venetia Island in the western. This system provided fast communication to a greater part of the globe.

The origin of species by Charles Darwin also played its part in making this Victoria era a remarkable one. Darwin published his theory that the species on earth have simply evolved from other simpler creatures over millions of years. This quite contracted the religious perspective of things and hence caused many controversies.

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