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Lets Stop Bullying Right Now

March 5, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Irrespective of your race, country and religion, you could get affected by some sort of bullying at some stage of your life. It is a negative form of human behavior that is completely unacceptable. If you have been a victim in past, then it is kind of your responsibility to take part in the process and take necessary actions to stop bullying from occurring around you.

Fast reaction to such conduct gives out the message to others this kind of conduct won’t be acknowledged at any expense. One may not understand but rather the most exceedingly awful type of tormenting can be found in situations where kids are included. Along these lines, it is fundamental that from an early age, children are required to be educated and all types of unsatisfactory practices must be dealt with genuinely.

There are some simple steps that one can take to ensure bullying can be stopped and everyone is kept safe at all times. Immediate intervention in such a situation is very important because when you react instantly the individual remain less affected by the incident. Even if you require external help, you should take it because sometimes your own efforts might not be enough.

Try to keep both parties separate so that their interaction remains minimal and there is no chance for a second time. The person who is bullied should be provided with emotional care and if required he should be seen by a professional doctor to assess his mental health. Whereas the person who started off wit bullying should also be assessed on medical terms.

The attitude of the individual who is there to bridge a communication gap between the two parties plays a very important role in the whole situation. The person who is intervening in between must act neutrally and put all his effort to resolve the situation without any further conflicts. Both parties will requires your equal and undivided attention and you have to listen to what they have to say.

On the off chance that there is simply verbal misuse, then its somewhat easy to determine the circumstance. Then again for a situation where physical misuse or some kind of weapon is included then you must choose the option to get the powers included. You need to ensure that such circumstance doesn’t emerge again and to prevent it from happening you need to make some critical strides.

The whole act of bullying can be stopped in the first place if proper measures are taken against its prevention and unfortunately right now, there are not many people who are aware of its affects in the long run. If kids from a young age are helped to understand what it is all about then it is most likely they will try to communicate instead of being bullied by someone.

The most ideal route is to discuss it transparently and make individuals mindful about its outcomes. One must be instructed that how you can remain against such a demonstration and what measures can be taken.

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