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Learn About The African American Heroes Missouri

April 12, 2016 by  
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The state of Missouri is located in Midwestern United States. In all the 50 states, it is the 18th most populous state and the 21st largest of them all. The state has a whopping 114 counties to show off, and last but not least, it is home to the city of St. Louis. The state war recovered from the French in the Louisiana Purchase and was thereafter branded the Missouri territory, the home of African American heroes Missouri.

The state borrowed its name from the Missouri river that was named after the Missouri Indians who originally inhabited this area. The state also has an official nickname, Show Me State, which is encryptedon the license plates of vehicles in this state. Missouri State is landlocked and it is surrounded by eight states just like the neighboring Tennessee State.

Blacks first set foot on this region in 1719, coming unwillingly as slaves working for the French miners. They went as far as being recruited in the army to fight the civil war, and its after this civil war that they started living as free citizens. The civil war enabled these people to discover their untapped potential, boosting their self-esteem, and thereafter giving them the desire for independence.

Sergeant Prince Rivers is one of the first African American heroes born in Missouri, and he worked for the South Carolina Volunteers. He spoke for the black military men and this made them a very optimistic lot. His efforts were aimed at ensuring that the blacks remained hopeful that a day would come when all their misery would end.

Booker T. Washington was an orator, educator and author who played a major role in the development of American history. He was also born in Missouri State in 1856, and in spite of his black background, he got many achievements including the opportunity to work as an advisor to different US presidents. He was among the last leaders born with slave parents.

Langston Hughes was a novelist, poet, a columnist and social activist of African origin born in 1902 in Joplin Missouri. Most of his works were about the period in which racism was rampant in this country. Through his works, he got to empower many blacks and this was shown by the numerous enrolments in universities by African Americans during this period.

African Americans were also successful in sports, with names like James Bell being mentioned everywhere due to his achievements in this field. James was born in 1903 and he rose to become one of the quickest baseball players of all time. He was included in the 1999 list that ranked the best all time base ballers, where he was at the 66th position.

Missouri State has also produced some of the best entertainers with Donald or Don Cheadle as a favorite example in this field. Born in November 1964, the actor, producer and director has defied all the obstacles of race to achieved great lengths in the entertainment and he has appeared in many TV shows and theater performances.

Racism has been a major setback for ambitious African Americans. The different black heroes of Missouri have clearly confirmed that success is not determined by race, but by hard work. They managed to fight for freedoms that we enjoy today despite the hardships they had to endure due to racial and other forms of discrimination.

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