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It Is Great To Stop Bullying

April 6, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

It is very important that young people learn how to defend themselves in every possible way before they venture off to school and other places. Sometimes the adults are unable to stop bullying from happening and this is always sad. Sometimes younger human beings will never tell anyone that this tragedy is happening within their life and they must endure the pain in silence.

Many people living in Chicago have all heard about the woman who made a change in her life when her dear young son committed suicide. He was a person who was always looking for attention in the wrong places and could not pick good individuals to become his friend. Unfortunately most of his peers brought him sadness and misery and eventually he decided to end everything. His mother had the neighbors to comfort her during her time of sorrow.

The young man never took the time to locate true acquaintances who would uplift his spirits instead of always bringing him down. His former school chums had forgotten all about him once he was six feet under within the ground and this was indeed a tragedy. No one from the educational institute even bothered to visit his grave once he was gone.

His mother has now set up a foundation in her son’s honor and it teaches others who have problems with thugs or other rough acting human beings. She has tried her best to educate other parents about how their children can easily become a victim to this horrible crime. At times this woman also helps out in certain classrooms and tries her best to help the students who are being mistreated or picked upon.

One educator made the great decision to stop a thug who was currently enrolled in her classroom. She had her law enforcement husband set up a cage within the classroom and made the boy sit in it for a period of time. This made a big difference in his life and he could see that the other children were less afraid while he was locked away.

Once he was out of this gated prison the young man then turned into a completely different individual. He is now a kind and gentle soul who will go out of his way in order to make other people feel special. Fortunately the cage caused quite a difference in his personality and this was very good.

In today’s society we also see many girls who are beginning to pick up bad habits. Many of these females will distance themselves from the unpopular girls and make them feel inadequate. They are called mean girls and fortunately Hollywood has made a unique movie about them.

Some girls have even bullied male students and this is very strange to witness. A wild bunch of females had the nerve to torture a sad young girl who was on her way home from the store. Luckily the police were there to take them away to a nice uncomfortable jail cell. Once they were released these young women decided to change their hateful behavior.

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