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International Travel Health Insurance Policies For Teachers Traveling On Projects

December 4, 2009 by  
Filed under Insurance

UK and US teachers are sent for overseas assignments for teaching English to people from other countries. Typically, these assignments range from a period of few months up to a year or slightly more. During their stay abroad, they need to protect themselves from exigencies by purchasing an appropriate international travel health insurance policy.

Depending on the duration of overseas stay, the teachers can purchase short term or long term international health insurance plans. Coverage periods, benefits as well as the validity period vary depending on the international insurance plan as well as the insurance provider.

International short term medical insurance plans can be purchased for a minimum of period of 5 days and can extend up to a year. Some travel medical insurance plans can be renewed for a continuous period of 36 months. Spouse, children and other dependents are also eligible to be covered under the short term international insurance plan.

Medical emergencies like emergency repatriation, surgeries, doctor consultation and hospitalization are covered by short term international travel health insurance plans. These plans generally exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. The other exclusions include dental treatments, routine check-ups, vaccinations and tests taken for preventive care. Some of these short term travel insurance plans also provide limited coverage in the home country in case the insured visits his native land on a temporary basis.

Teacher can purchase long term international medical insurance plans if the planned overseas stay extends more than one year. Two coverage choices are available – Fixed benefit and Comprehensive benefit.

In the case of fixed benefit plans, the benefits and coverage amounts are limited. Comprehensive plans offer more extensive coverage and prove to be beneficial over the long run.

Long term international insurance plans cover the insured during the stay at the homeland also. In addition to submitting an enrollment form, applicants are also required to fill up medical questionnaires

Some Long term international travel health insurance plans offer additional services like maternity coverage, preventive care, emergency medical assistance, evacuation and repatriation as well as coverage for pre-existing conditions. The premiums rates are calculated based on the services you opt for.

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