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Interesting Things To Know About Fort Myers

February 29, 2016 by  
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There are number of places that one is recommended to visit and Florida happens to be one of them. Fort Myers specifically is the particular county seat as well as the main commercial center of Lee county Florida. It also happens to be a major tourist destination in the state.

The city is named after Colonel Abraham Myers who was part of the American Indian wars. It was one of the first forts built in the area due to its strategic positioning with visibility and access to the Atlantic. It is governed by a city council which is headed by a mayor, currently Randy Henderson Jr. The area has a short hot winter and long humid summer . It is generally warm throughout the year which is a plus for people seeking to escape the cold weather.

The city lies near the Atlantic making it possible for guests to visit the beach. This particular stretch is not covered with white sand but is a bit denser and is used by a number of animals for nesting, incubating and feeding. A number of animals can be seen from the shore like the flamingoes, herons and eagles . Sometimes you can also see the turtles that have come up to the beach. There is a water plant in the area and the warm water attracts manatees in the hundreds as the come to play in the warmer waters.

One of the places you need to see while visiting are the Ford and Edison winter homes. The one previously owned by Thomas Edison goes by the name Seminole, while the one owned by Henry Ford is The Mangoes. The houses are next to each other and together have a museum and a twenty one acre botanical garden with over thousand plants. The rubber laboratory Thomas Edison used is also on the property. They are open all days of the week between nine and five.

The Calusa Nature Conservancy and Planetarium is also found within the is a private non- profit educational organization . A planetarium, butterfly and bird aviary, picnic sites and nature trail. All this is set on a hundred and five acre piece of land.

One of the unconventional but interesting attractions in the area is the flea masters flea market. It boost a nine hundred unique stores food stands and vintage shops. It offers four hundred thousand square feet of shopping experience . It is basically every shoppers dream.

Lakes Regional Park is another of the places to go see. It is named after its main feature which is a man-made lake formed by a mine on the property . It offers great bird watching and bicycle trails as well as recreational sites and a boardwalk over the lake.

While staying in the area you can engage in sport fishing, both shallow water fishing and deep sea fishing into. They target snook, sea trout, lady fish, barracuda, and snapper among other varieties. You can also book boat rides and watersports. The city is easily accessible by air and by road or even by seas using the Atlantic water way. There are a number of facilities dedicated to offering good accommodation.

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