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In Memory Of African American Heroes These Days

March 7, 2016 by  
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There is a lot of black people now who resides in this country. Some of them do not like them but some do. Most of their minds are still close and they have been brainwashed by the people around them. But they do not know that these types of individuals have contributed a lot to the economy and they have become famous due to their talent. And for serving the country. Not just today but before. The ancestors have given so much.

They have been inspired and continue to give pride to the community. They tried to establish good relationships with all. So there is no conflict of interest would not happen. Not just for their own but for the good of humanity. African American Heroes Missouri fought for their rights before and that is why they are remembered these days and have become famous around the world.

A lot of them living in this place. And some have transferred to other place. But they never forget their roots and where they came from. And are proud of it. They embrace change but they look back the things and who help them to be famous. They never show fear to fight for what is their right. One of the best quality that they possess is they do not give up easily.

They always practice the good qualities they learned and taught to them. And not just because of their talent and for being brilliant individuals. They gain respect from a lot of people especially from the Caucasian. They are treated well and have given what is right to them.

Despite the warm welcome, they are still struggling to please everyone. Some will not make friends with them. There is still some who judge and consider them an outcaste because of the color of their skin. These are born and raised in this country. And they speak Fluent English. What makes them difference is their skin color.

This is a sign of racism. And this should not be taught to the children at a young age. Because everyone has the right to live wherever they want to. And receive equal treatment from the people around. They should not be prohibited of benefits that are right to them as a person and not because of their skin color.

They are one reason that the country becomes famous and not because of their race and the color of their skin. If you notice, one black guy become the President of the country. People believe in him that is why he is elected to office. His skin color does not describe to what kind of person he is.

Because of them and the ancestors who never give up. There is a black history month. And it is observe during February. The black will gather in their community and they will have a celebration. And will give other people to learn their history and shows respect to them.

Racism must be eliminated. And laws must be applied to everyone. This way, there will be unity and there will be one goal to achieve. There is a saying that goes, if you are not united, then there is no change to be successful because it will fall down and will tear you apart.

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