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Important Notes On Famous Women In History

April 19, 2016 by  
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Women are an integral cornerstone in society. There are many influential women in society who have through ages, impacted on the society through various ways. These women are those that the world would not be the same, were they not present. To celebrate such women and the rest in society, every 8th day of March is set aside worldwide, to appreciate them and stage celebrations of motivating them to share their achievements and successes. Famous women in history date back since time immemorial, for instance those who performed impressively during the First World War, scholars, writers, and etcetera.

An ideal example of such characters is Louisa Alcott, who impacted to community between 1832 and 1888. She was a reputable author, who went ahead to produce the first ever literature for the massive market of juvenile and young girls in 19th century. She did a lot of publications, approximately 270 of them, among them the hitherto popular Little Women.

We start from way back on 570 BC when Sappho was still in existence. Sappho was one of the first female writers through poetry. Her vast contribution is still in use up to date. The next lady was Cleopatra who was the last Ptolemaic ruler in Egypt at around 69-30 BC. She was against the expansion of the Roman Empire through building of greater ties between leaders. Mary Magdalene is another famous icon.

Clara Barton is hitherto known for her big heart, getting involved in helping the needy in society throughout the better part of her life, until her demise in 1912. She earned recognition especially by treating injured battle men in Civil war, and later became the founder cum president of Americas Red Cross Movement.

Amelia Earhart is another female icon who made significant contribution and impacts back in historical times. She was recognized for being the first ever woman to fly all across Atlantic Ocean, thus opening up the skies to other females across the globe. Interestingly, in 1937, in her pursuit to become the pioneer human to fly around the globe, her plane mysteriously disappeared around the Pacific Ocean.

Louisa May Alcott cannot be left out either. She is widely known for her prowess in writing influential and inspiring books and articles, largely known for books like little women and also little men, which scooped many awards in America back in the days.

Also worth mentioning ine this list of historical female powerhouses, is Marie Curie. She was the foremost female to ever scoop a Nobel Peace Prize award, and more amazingly, won it two times. Additionally, she was the first female to be awarded a doctorate degree in Europe. A physicist in profession, her investigations paved way for the discovery and creation of radioactivity, alongside element radium.

Clara Barton left her mark as being the founder of American Red Cross. The Red Cross initiative spread out to other parts of the globe, and thereby her impact in society is still felt and enjoyed even in current day. The founder of another such like movement is Juliette Gordon Low, who initiated Americas Girl Scouts. There are other countless remarkable females in the past that made strides in societal change.

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