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Importance Of Having The Black History Month Activities Missouri

April 5, 2016 by  
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Unlike other states, America has made it a culture to celebrate the blacks for a whole month. America has achieved its objectives today due to some African American people who played vital roles in the past. As a show of gratitude, those that did something outstanding get to be honored over the black history month activities Missouri. The celebrations were introduced in 1920s by Carter G. Woodson. February was the month chosen as it also marks the birth of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Due to racism that happened in early 20s, colored leaders joined hands to create a permanent civil rights organization called NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]. It is important to note that its hundred anniversaries were marked on 12th February 2009.

Among those remembered is Jack Johnson. He is known as the first colored man holder of the world Heavyweight champion boxing title in 1908; a title that he defended for seven years. Another iconic figure was John Mercer Langston who was the first African American man to become a lawyer in Ohio after passing the bar in 1854. For this, he greatly gained popularity and as a result ventured into politics where he again became the first African-American to be elected to a public office by being a clerk of Ohio town in 1855.

Thurgood Marshall was another African American to be appointed to the United States supreme courts. The then president Lyndon B. Johnson is the one that gave him the post that he served from 1967 to 1991. The other guy who is celebrated over this period of time is George Washington Carver, an entrepreneur who was able to derive 300 products from peanuts such as medicinal oils and cosmetics.

In the US senate, the first black elected in it was Hiram Rhodes. He represented Mississippi State in the senate from the year1870 to 1871. Alongside him is Shirley Chisholm. She was the 1st African American to be elected in House of Representatives. For her, she was representing New York State and in 1972 she became first lady candidate of the presidency in US.

The black populace in 1870 in America was at 4.8m million. In 2007, the number estimated had risen to 40.7 million and survey states that in 2060, 18 percent of all Americans will be those of black race. In 1940, its remembered that Hattie was the first African American to perform and won the coveted academy award for being loyal as a slave in Gone with the Wind.

In 1976, the black month was extended to a month-long. This period offers the opportunity to emphasize on the history and achievements of the African Americans. Students get the opportunity to learn about the famous black Americans and at the same time polish their internet surfing skills.

The number of blacks military and the veterans are getting high everyday. Considering what they go through, there is need for them to be recognized over the month. Racism was common though it has reduced significantly unlike before. These months activities symbolize unity and reminding the people of the need for the Americans to appreciate African American on their soil.

If you would like to know more about the black history month activities Missouri locals suggest that you refer to the following blog. Read these interesting posts about the role of African American women in history at

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