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Ideas Of Creating A Stable Campus Crisis Response Plan

May 23, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

No campus or institution is immune to crisis, but the effectiveness of response to crisis matters a lot. In the event of a crisis, the administrators are rated based on their actions before the incident, their response after incident, and the strategies employed to cool down things back to normal. Conducting a thorough need analysis and identifying things that are likely to trigger crisis is an effective strategy for strengthening campus crisis response plan. Information about learners who are dealing with psychological and emotional issues must be gathered and filed in appropriate places for easy retrieval.

Before developing a plan to respond to emergency, identifying the crisis that are likely to occur and their source is a wise move. Since the colleges host many people, chance of disease outbreaks are high. Most of them do not have enough security personnel, hence making them right candidate for terrorist attack. A large number of student of diverse origin attend the colleges for their higher education, in case there is no plan to integrate them through competitions divisions can exist. Activities of students or employees who have mental-related issues must be monitored closely.

There is a correlation between the increase in violence and emotional health issues. People suffering from mental-related illness or emotion issues can commit suicide or else harm others. The campus management should ensure such people receive quality care from highly trained and knowledgeable medical experts. A hospital equipped with enough treatment tools, medication, trained personnel, and other infrastructure must be available within the campus. The hospital must respond to medical emergencies in a quick and professional manner. Medical histories about every student or staffs that visit the facility must be well documented and filed for future reference.

An effective response plan must incorporate budget friendly method of managing emergencies. Sophisticated alarm systems and devices for sending signals should be installed in every class, hostel, as well as dining halls. The administrators must conduct market research and be updated on technological tools that are deployed to the market at an astonishing rate. Modern CCTV cameras should be installed at strategic places within the college. The cameras require maintenance and inspections from experienced and certified technicians.

First aid courses should be included in the syllabus. The employees, students, and other stakeholders must be equipped with relevant life-saving tactics. Organizing conferences or seminars to train the students and employees on effective response tactics to minimize tension in case an emergency occurs is vital.

Participating actively in community projects is an effective strategy for creating a strong alliance with the community. Sponsoring projects and encouraging both students and employees to volunteer in activities that are likely to better the community is way of gaining its support. The conflicts between the community and students are likely to decrease when the community is handled with respect.

Students must be involved actively in managing affairs of the college. For instance, a student leadership body should be tasked with responsibility of championing the rights of other learners. The student leaders must be trained to function as a bridge between the administrators and other learners.

Established campuses have a clear tactic for passing information from the administration to the students especially in times of disaster. This way, instances of pranks created by students with ill motives are eliminated. Making announcements through loud speakers is a reliable method of reaching out to all students.

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