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Ideas for Outdoor Flooring

May 1, 2013 by  
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Hi House Idea people, here is Mark!

Many people have questions about flooring options for outdoor area, and they are several alternatives, I’ll do a few posts to talk about it.

Before choosing, consider the use that the area will have: a garage, a terrace, a solarium pool, a barbecue area, a sidewalk? Some areas call for tougher floors, ask other floors cheaper, ask other floors noblest.

Today I will show 3 options from

Wood Deck

Area Floors for Outside (2) Floors Area to Outside (1)

Wood flooring is a classic for both internal and external areas, falls into the category of those who value most environments, but are also more expensive. It is mainly used for solariums and pool terraces. Her beauty is unquestionable, its nice touch and goes with everything. Are used for outdoor wood more resistant and designed to withstand exposure to weather (with marine varnish or stain). Needs periodic maintenance to keep the beauty and durability.


Floors for External Area (4)

Floors for External Area (6)

Some types of stones can be used for outdoor floors in different price ranges, from highest to lowest cost. To this end, the stones should always be used with rough finishing / slip, not polished, not to slip when wet. Marbles and granites are the noblest. Other fairly common at lower cost are: Sao Tome and Goiás (usually Tanning pools), Miracema (low cost, common driveways), and Slate (widely used in balconies and terraces).


Floors for External Area (5)

Besides very charming, is not too expensive an option. The brick floor gives a rustic look, farm. Like all natural flooring that is in the outside area, may wear out over time (but I think it’s a charm!), So it is recommended to apply resin to protect against moisture and sunlight, and also that proper parts are used for the floor (more resistant than common brick). Some people have the fear that create “limo”, being a porous floor. In small amount also think it has its charm, but the slime can be cleaned with chlorine and even more easily with high pressure washers, very recommended for cleaning the outside area.

I am in love with these three floors! Which of these options is your favorite? What floor do you want to see us showing up here? If anyone has any questions, ask in the comments!

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