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How To Get Cheap Homeowner’s Insurance Online In Florida

March 20, 2012 by  
Filed under Finance

Almost every homeowner in Florida has homeowner’s insurance. If you are financing your home then your mortgage company will insist that you buy homeowner’s insurance, but even if your home is paid for free and clear your house still represents probably your biggest investment and your most valuable asset so you are probably going to want to insure it in any event.

Keep in mind, too, that if you have a mortgage your lender certainly has the right to insist that you pay for homeowner’s insurance, but you are always free to pick and choose the company and the policy that you’re going to pay for.

You can often find the cheapest homeowner’s insurance online here in Florida, but before you simply get online and start comparing policies, it would make sense for you to create a policy first that you can use to make your comparisons.

Without a single policy that you can compare on at least 3 different sites, your “comparisons” really have little value.

So let’s see what we can do to create a policy that is designed from the ground up to save you money each and every month on your homeowner’s insurance.

Do you have other insurance policies with the same insurance company? If so you need to make certain that you are receiving a Multi-Policy Discount on your homeowner’s policy each month.

Have you been insured with the same insurance company for at least 5 years? Then make sure you are getting a Long-Term Policy Discount each month.

If your home is 10 years old or more ask your agent how much you could save each month if you upgraded your plumbing and electrical systems. Sometimes the savings each month can make the cost well worth while over time.

Install motion-sensitive floodlights around your property and trim all bushes away from windows to discourage burglars.

Cut all weeds and brush at least ten feet away from any structure on your property as a fire precaution.

Install smoke and fire detectors throughout your home according to manufacturer’s instructions. Make certain that they each have fresh batteries and make a practice of changing batteries twice each year.

Buy a fire extinguisher for your kitchen that is specifically rated for kitchen fires and make sure it is kept handy.

Fill in potholes on the property and replace cracked or buckled concrete walkways. Replace lose floor boards or railing on porches or decks and make sure that your homeowner’s insurance agent is fully aware of any and all improvements that you have made to your property.

If you can afford to install a home protection system that is monitored off-site 24/7 for fire and burglary you can save up to 30% on your homeowner’s insurance each month – but talk to your agent before you agree to purchase a system as not all systems will earn you the same discount on your monthly premium.

If anyone in your household is 55 or older and retired or working at home full-time you should be eligible for a rather nice discount on your monthly premium.

Twice a year you should simply call your agent and flat-out ask if there are any unannounced discounts on your homeowner’s insurance that you might quality for. You’d be surprised at the number of unannounced discounts that most insurance companies have – but you usually have to ask in order to find out about them.

Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned from this article and put together a policy that is designed from the ground up to save you money each month on your homeowner’s insurance – and then get online and compare the cost of that policy on at least 3 different homeowner’s insurance comparisons websites.

Once you’ve compared prices for the same policy on at least 3 different websites then you can feel confident that the lowest price you’ve found is the best price you’re going to get, and that you’ve done everything in your power to get cheap homeowner’s insurance online in Florida.

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