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How To Catch The Attention Of Top Education Executive Search Firms

May 28, 2016 by  
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Learning institutions use a unique method when recruiting their executive. This is aimed at getting the most passionate and qualified person to fill such positions. The sector is delicate and requires character to delivery results without compromising on integrity. Unlike other organizations that use human resource departments, learning institutions use education executive search firms. To secure such a position, you must learn how to capture their attention.

Your resume is the first contact you will have with recruiters. There is a temptation to download a template or format online for use as your own. This means that yours will be one among thousands of similar resumes. To pick any details from your papers, the panel must use a magnifying glass. Find a unique format that is memorable and catchy without losing the formal feel demanded.

The vetting panel looks for very specific qualification details. They want to get straight to the point without having to search allover your papers to trace the details. Provide compelling and descriptive titles for each section. The titles enable a person to capture your details at a glance. These titles carry a lot of information and have a lot of impact on a reader skimming through thousands of resumes.

Resumes should not be too short or too long. They should be as precise as possible without leaving out important details. This means doing away with wordy sentences that add no value to your application. It will result in resumes of different lengths considering that the qualifications and experiences of different applicants vary. Ensure that you provide all information required in a precise manner.

A narrative about your achievements is welcome. However, the best advocates for your case are quantifiable items. Quantifiable details vary from one position to the other. If you worked as a registrar and grew school enrollment numbers, indicate the percentage in your resume. Where efficiency or reduction in cost was witnessed, indicate the change in real numbers.

High ranking education officers are required to exhibit a certain level of mastery in language and expression. This calls for a CV that is written in exquisite language. Your word construction should be engaging and sensible. Use formal language and sections, bullets or highlights where necessary. Excess words or those that do not make sense should be avoided by all means. Use a language that reflects understanding of the field where you will be expected to work.

There are temptations to include graphics and photos in resumes. This works for some positions and not others. Some employers demand photos and especially passport sizes. Unless graphic images are necessary and demanded, keep them out of your resume. In case you have to include a photo, let is be passport size and taken in official clothing as well as formal environment.

The first interaction with the vetting panel is through your resume. As a candidate for an executive position, you must be formal and provide relevant details. Make your achievements quantifiable, catchy and memorable. All sections should be clear and understandable. While creativity is welcome, it must never override the seriousness required of executives at that level.

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