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How To Be Nellie Bly

February 16, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

The life of a journalist will never be a bed full of roses. So, simply be more skilled than anyone you know and that can be the exact key to your success. Do not settle for being second best since that will not get you anywhere and will only make you happy doing menial work for other people.

You must find an individual who will inspire you to defy all odds. Look at what Nellie Bly has done with her life. If this person has made it through the worst, you have no reason to attain the same kind of victory. So, gather up your strength in acing your classes and becoming an inspiration to others too.

You would have to become well educated. Remember that it is going to be a heavy competition out there. So, have the reputation of your school back you up. This can help you achieve your dream position and start your career right. You might even stick with one company if you are being treated in the right way.

Do not feel low when you have been accepted for a menial job. You have to start somewhere and the lower ground is a good place for you to know what the people on top are doing. Use this as your fuel to do great in all of your assignments and slowly gain a healthy reputation for yourself in the industry.

Be a journalist in the local industry which will not make you feel bored. In that scenario, you can have more than one reason to wake up everyday and you will also have a filled schedule. This can make you proud of what you do for a living and finally let you get used to your brand new routine.

You shall be aware of your competition too. Know what they can offer to the table and surpass that. This is why it is important for you to attend seminars even after you already got your degree. Treat learning as a never ending process since you can expect the people around you to do the same.

You should learn to get success in the hard way. Office politics can be tempting but this is not what being a journalist is all about. Live your life with dignity and you should be known for more than just your pretty face. That can be the kind of legacy that you can lead to your future generations.

Be certain that you are applying when your skills are needed the most. Mass hiring can increase your chances of getting picked. With your advanced skill set, you shall be a valuable asset to any company and you only have to convince them with your charm.

Do not use your salary as the main reason for you to accept a job. Remember that there are a lot of hardships which would come along your way. So, let love be your anchor when you get the feeling that you already had enough of your daily routine. Always let passion let the way.

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