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Guide To Finding Suitable UMN Off Campus Housing

April 12, 2016 by  
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There are various residential buildings around campuses that students can rent and live in. However, not all the structures are suitable for a student. A person should do a thorough search in order to get a suitable UMN off campus housing.

There are different structures and housing units that a student in the University of Minnesota can rent. There are apartments, town houses and duplex buildings around the institution. The apartments have different number of rooms and bedrooms. Some places allow more than one person to rent a place.

There are a number of factors that a student must take into consideration when seeking to rent a place. One of them is the accessibility of the place through public means or bus services. Some apartments come furnished while others require the student to do the furnishing by themselves. Some landlords do not allow pets to their buildings and list that in their rules. For students with special conditions due to a handicap condition, they should consider rental spaces that suit their needs.

A student can search for a house by seeking information from agencies and persons around the campus. Since most agents have websites, an online search will be fruitful too. The websites contain basic information that outlines the location of the apartment, number of rooms, cost and photos of the rental space. While most booking and leasing arrangements can be made via online means, it is advisable that the student inspects the place before signing the lease agreement.

Some advertisements that are placed are deceiving and the some rental spaces do not exist. The photos showed in the website may not actually represent the real space as it looks. An inspection is vital to ensure the condition of the house is good. Check if the windows close or open, have screens or are cracked and broken. Inspect the bathroom fixtures to ensure that they work and have no leaks. The wall should be free of posters, nail holes and note the condition of the paint. Ensure that gas and electrical connections are good and rule out any bug or rodent infestation.

By doing the actual visit, you are able to confirm that the place actually exists. Secondly, the inspection will help you to avoid taking responsibility for the damage caused by the previous tenant. Note all the faults that you see in the building and its condition in writing before signing the lease agreement. The faults should be part of the document that you sign.

You should ask the property manager about all services that you will be paying for such as garbage collection, water, heat and parking. They should explain to you their conditions of subletting if there are any. Ask them if they change door locks after tenants move out and other security details.

If you planning to live with someone else, ensure that you get a responsible roommate. Take into consideration the neighborhood services that are available within your premise.

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