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Get Fun For Everyone With These Top Five Attractions In Naples Florida

March 18, 2016 by  
Filed under Travel

There are some locations around the world that are worth making the extra effort to visit. For some places, it’s because of natural beauty while others have man-made parks and other such things. When it comes to Naples Florida, they have both of these types and more. The area is very beautiful with a lot of natural wildlife. You can find things to do for singles, couples, and families of any age. While there are many long lists that you can make of these activities, there’re some that might become a priority whether you have a short visit in the area or that is where you live.

Some locations around the world are well known for its tourism and activities. People travel from far away to see these places and to experience the culture. When it comes to Florida, the Attractions in Naples are some of those on the top of the lists of individuals no matter where they live.

The wildlife in this area is one aspect of the beauty. You can see it by visiting parks and sanctuaries. Of course, the activities present in this area draw many visitors. There are things for couples, singles, and families to get involved with. That being said, five of these attractions often top the list.

The Naples Zoo is an attraction that anyone can have appreciation for. You can find all sorts of birds, mammals and reptiles. There are special animal programs to be involved with and you can check out their botanical exhibits as well. Of course, when you get hungry, the vendors are able to provide you with some tasty treats.

The Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is another must-see. This park has made the top of Attractions Naples list for a long time. You can fish, canoe, hike, and so much more. You are allowed to bring your pet and features such as the boat ramp tend to be quite convenient as well.

If you want to experience one of the best water parks, the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon is the place to go. There are water slides, family pools and lap pools offering loads of fun. When you want to relax in the sun, there are areas for this as well.

Naples Botanical Gardens can be fun for kids and adults. There are exhibits but also activities for anyone, especially children. If you have a dog, certain days are scheduled when these pets are allowed to visit to take a walk along side of you.

A list of Naples Attractions would not be complete without the Extreme Family Fun Spot. This spot has lots of choices of activities such as boat tours, fishing, Segway tours, kayaking and more. There is also a beautiful cafe where you can have a meal or snack.

This area in Florida makes a wonderful place to visit for people of any age. There are all sorts of attractions to visit whether your interests lie in nature, water parks or otherwise. These activities are perfect for families, couples and singles. With the fun, food and relaxation when you need it, this is the spot to come.

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