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For Limo Rentals Columbus Is Worth Visiting

June 19, 2016 by  
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In most countries, limousines are a perfect indicator of conspicuous consumption. This is partly because it is currently the most expensive means of ground transportation in the world. People aim to make their events and days memorable as well as impressing others by hiring limousines for various occasions. For the best limo rentals Columbus offers the best location one should check out. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind while renting a limousine.

Being able to rent the right type and size of limousine depends on various factors. Some of the most important factors are number of hours the vehicle is needed for, distance of travel, number of people, and type of occasion among others. Most rental companies specialize in providing limos for specific events so that they are able to specialize and offer the best experience to clients.

People hire limousines for various events including anniversaries, weddings, night outs, birthday parties, proms, day trips, airport transfers, concerts, and wine or city tours. Special rates are usually offered on airport transfers in many companies. Companies need to know the event type their vehicle is being leased for. One can receive better service if they disclose as much relevant details about the event as possible.

The number of hours one can hire a limousine on Friday and Saturday nights is usually fixed to a certain minimum in most companies. This is the case since companies want to benefit maximally from the fact that these nights are usually very busy. It is typical for rates for the weekend to be higher than those of week days. Companies usually offer huge discounts to clients on weekdays.

The company should be made aware of the list of all expectations one has from it. With this list, the company is able to prepare adequately and to deliver on all expectations to its level best. The number of passengers should be known beforehand in order to be able to rent the vehicle with the right capacity. The typical capacity for most limos is 6-22 passengers. Companies charge depending on capacity.

The price quoted for the rental may or may not include all charges that are likely to be incurred during the trip. For instance, the quoted amount may not include the cost of fuel, gratuity for the driver, parking cost, and road toll. As such, it is always important to inquire from the company if the quoted amount includes all charges that maybe incurred in the course of renting the vehicle.

One should check to ensure that the company has private hire insurance for the limousine and its occupants before renting it. The law requires companies to insure their vehicles and occupants, but some companies avoid this requirement. The chauffeur should also be a holder of a proper license. It is important to ask for proof of both documents prior to renting the vehicle.

It is also advisable to avoid companies that demand for more than half of the payment as deposit. Legitimate companies only ask for up to a maximum of 50 percent deposit. Scammers will often ask for full payment in advance.

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