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Find Out More About Cyberbullying

May 3, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Harassing one in a deliberate and repeated manner using information technology networks is known as cyber bullying. Technology has made big strides over the recent years making everything simple starting with communication. People are no longer having word to word conversation since the networks are able to bridge the distance between them making it possible to talk to someone in different continents in the world thus enhancing cyberbullying.

This type of bullying and the real bullying has dire consequences especially to teens that form a large number in using information technology. Online teenage users do things differently than other adults these includes; playing online games sending messages every now and then since they do have gadgets that keep them glued to the Internet. Facebook is a popular network that is used by people to keep in touch and it is mostly violated by the online bullies as a media to spread their evil ways.

Depression is one of the consequences that is caused by cyber bullying this makes whoever who is going through it have long periods on unhappiness and may be harmful to the people around them. This happens when these teens try to log in the social networks of their choice and when they recall how hard it is to stop using the networks and the bullying they go through they lack the meaning of life. Constant talks between parents and teens make the parent aware of any emotional trauma and problems the child faces.

Wrath is another consequence that is caused by online bullying, the people who pass through it especially teens are not amicable at all since when the wrath reaches the highest levels dire consequences follows to people around them. These people include teachers, parents and their fellow students. The bullying words make them bitter when they recall how they are harassed online.

We also have cases of suicidal attempts worldwide and the largest cases are from teens that are fed up with the life they pass through. Online harassment can be too much to a point of having no reason to live and the teens end up taking away their lives. A problem shared is a problem solved hence when the teens share their problems with guardians they find a way out of the feeling of taking away their lives.

The act do happen accidentally when one persons joke can be another ones hurtful insult. One mans meat is another mans poison so goes the adage; hence, not everyone can enjoy the messages sent through social media and other memes. The recipients who receive these messages do not take them kindly at all hence one should be careful when sending unknown people messages.

Online harassment can make one serve a jail term hence it is good to pass messages and posts only to friends and relatives. It is not everyone that takes the messages kindly hence one can be used over some memes. Keeping off from sending the messages to anonymous can help greatly to get out of trouble.

Parents are required to keep in touch with their teens to know issues that trouble them. This will help to curb bullying. Teens are also able to pour their feelings when they face the impending danger of online bullying.

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