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Facts Regarding Compass Tripods & Surveying Tripods

March 3, 2016 by  
Filed under Technology

Many people only think about tripods in relation to photography, and these helpful stands do help professional photographers and shutterbugs keep cameras stable in order to produce high-quality photographic images. However, this is just one type of tripod. There are several varieties used by many different professions.

For instance, if you are a surveyor, then you might need a surveyor’s tripod or perhaps a compass tripod or survey compass tripod. Tripods have been used by people in the surveying world for centuries, helping them make all of their important calculations and measurements. The tripod might be used to hold a compass or an early version of a theodolite, especially in times’ passed. Today, a surveyor definitely will use a sturdy tripod to hold a theodolite, which is a crucial device for any surveyor, measuring angles in both planes. Many surveyors also will mount a total station to a compass tripod or elevation tripod. The total station actual combines an electronic distance meter with a theodolite for precise calculations.

Of course, the compass tripod also can be used to hold a surveyor’s compass. These devices also are known as circumferentors. This type of compass was used widely by surveyors until the development of theodolites, as it help the surveyor measure angles. While theodolites often are the preferred angle-measuring tool these days, the surveyor’s compass still used sometimes by foresters and mining engineers. A surveyor or engineer definitely will make use of a compass tripod or other type of sturdy tripod, regardless of whether or not they are measuring angles with a circumferentor, a total station or some type of theodolite.

Take a moment to visualize yourself as a surveyor, out in the wilderness working with your theodolite or maybe a high-tech total station. Once you have taken one set of measurements, you might wish to adjust the height of your tripod. Removing the total station or theodolite, adjusting the tripod legs and then repositioning everything can be quite difficult. To make these adjustments easier, elevation tripods are the answer.

There are many positive aspects regarding elevation tripods, including their overall sturdiness. Not only can they handle the weight of a theodolite or another heavy device, all one must do to change the elevation of the elevation tripod is simply crank it up or down or turn the handle to reach whatever height you do need. While it is true that an elevation tripod can be fairly heavy, perhaps 25 pounds or more, this larger weight helps the tripod stay firmly in place and steady as you crank it up or down.

The compass tripod and elevation tripod are two types of tripods commonly used by surveyors and engineers. When shopping for a tripod, it is important to look at several characteristics of the tripod. These include the weight of the elevation tripod or the compass tripod as well as the weight capacity. If you will be using your theodolite or another mounted device in a variety of climate settings, it is wise to select compass materials that stand up well against temperature changes, humidity changes and certain weather conditions. It also may be important to select a tripod that is non-magnetic. There are many compass tripods and elevation tripods out there that are sure to be able to handle whatever you need.

Carey Bourdier enjoys blogging about precision scientific instruments. For more details about surveying products like a surveyor compass, or to find other alignment instruments, go to the Warren Knight website today.

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