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Facts About Internal Auditor Training

March 26, 2016 by  
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Auditing is the process of systematically and independently examining the accounts, documents, books, and vouchers of an organization. The examination is conducted to ascertain how much the financial statements represent the real situation. The audit also tries to ensure that stipulated laws are followed in the maintenance of books of accounts. Due to the complex nature of the job, internal auditor training is a lengthy and complex process.

Auditing may be performed on any subject matter. Through auditing, stakeholders in an organization can be assured that there is no material misstatement in the audited subject matter. Mostly, the term auditing is applied to financial audits of a company. However, that does not mean it cannot be applied in other areas. In fact, the term is applied to audits done in areas like internal controls, water management, energy conservation, quality management, and project management.

Auditors are the professions who are employed by companies to conduct audits. Both individuals and companies can act as auditors. After the audit process, the professional produces a document called an audit report as the end product. This report helps stakeholders to assess and enhance the efficiency of company operations. Some of the company operations that can be improved using the document include the governance process, risk management, and control.

Internal auditors usually work as employees for the organization the audit. These professionals can find work with different employers including federal, state, and local governments, non-profit organizations, private companies, and public companies in any industry. Standards in this field are set and enforced by the Institute of Internal auditors in the whole world. The behavior and conduct of certified internal auditors are governed by the institute.

Becoming a professional in the field of auditing starts with having the right skills for the job, which include number crunching and data analysis ability. There are several career directions and educational paths in this field. Usually, some professionals launch their career with a bachelor degree in accounting. There are also degree programs that have the option of internal auditing. Students are allowed to specialize early in their academic career before beginning entry-level work as auditors.

It is advisable for any newly-graduated applicants to go through internship before starting to look for work. Internship programs develop the skills of interns and help them to identify what areas they would like to specialize in. There are several positions one may occupy during internship including co-op work experience, part-time auditing internship, and full-time summer positions.

Most companies only hire people with a bachelor degree as the lowest level of academic qualification. Others require a master degree. During training, one may cover topics such as insurance, risk management, government loans, and investment analysis.

This professional also involves certification as a very important part. Some employers make it a requirement for one to be certified to get a job. Certification of various specialists in this field is done by the Institute of Internal Auditors. Besides this institute, ISACA also offers certification. Experience in auditing is necessary for certification.

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