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Everything You Need To Know About Lawn Aeration

March 20, 2016 by  
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Owning a lawn can either be a luxury or a burden. It can make a plain looking house magical if done right but it can also sometimes make you wonder why you even bothered getting a house in the first place. After all, nowadays we have condos where the fauna is taken care of by other people. However, if you are just old fashioned then hope is not lost for you. Lets talk about a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of having your own patch of landscaping.

A lot of things come to mind when thinking of maintaining a traditional home. As far as the exterior is concerned, lawn aeration is one of the first things you should consider. For those that do not know, lawn aeration according to an academic paper titled lawn aeration littleton co, it is when you punch holes in the ground to allow nutrients to enter it. Lets look at the reasons why this is necessary.

Truth be told, some lawns do not need this at all, some just thrive naturally without the need of much human intervention at all. Unfortunate that is not always the case. Some circumstances call for our intervention and a lawn in need of aeration may be a one that always has people or things that always pass through it.

The reason traffic is problematic is because it causes the soil to compact and compacting means it will be less permeable. Soil that is not very permeable does not do a very good job absorbing the different elements that contribute to healthy plant life. If you do not intervene when your garden experiences compacting then you are simply letting your plants starve to death.

Besides compacting there is also thatching. This is when plant materials form a obstruction between the world and the roots of your plants. Like compacting, thatching does not allow nutrients to reach your roots.

That said, lets talk how to. All you really need to do is perforate the earth. To do this you need an aerator. The two most common types are the spike aerator and the plug aerator.

Spike aerators work by piercing holes into the ground using spikes while plug aerators work by plugging out clumps of dirt and grass to create the holes. It is less advisable to use spike aerators because poking holes is less effective and can make the ground more compacted than it originally was because you are basically just pushing the ground into itself. Plug aerators on the other hand do a better job because it displaces things on the top layers instead leading to a much looser and more permeable surface.

Growing season ideal to start aerating because new grass can easily fill in the gaps you create from the process. A moist surface is also necessary because dry soil is very hard to penetrate and displace. Running your aerator through is very straightforward, the only things you may need to keep in mind is that there may be certain areas more compacted than others and may require more attention and you may also have to break up the removed plugs after you are done to level everything out.

All in all, Lawn Aeration is a very simple process. All it takes is the little amount of knowledge you just read in this article and a quick search on the internet for a quality Plug Aerator and you should be set. If your place needs this or you know someone who owns a place does you can now get to it.

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