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Discover More About Learning Songs For Kindergarten And 1st Grade

May 29, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Songs are very important in any culture. Kids learn much faster when they are having fun hence teaching them songs facilitates this. Songs are great teaching tools for children as they help them learn languages, help in mental development and make them have fun in school among other benefits. In relation to this, below is an article on learning songs for kindergarten and 1st grade.

The songs taught should be easy for the kids to memorize, should have a catchy tune so that the kids have fun by dancing and clapping; the message contained in the songs should be relevant and easy to understand. This is because children cannot understand the complex language and if the compositions are boring they may not learn anything from them.

Memorizing and singing the songs can be very enjoyable hence the kids have lots of pleasure when doing this and this makes them like school better. Children have the tendency of not liking school but when studies are made fun this perspective changes. Creativity and coordination is enhanced through learning this mental exercise.

Singing helps the children develop phonic skills through phonemic awareness. These skills can be difficult to master for the kindergarten kids or first graders if they are not exposed to a lot of sounds before hence songs create this exposure. This lays a great foundation for them to learn written language. Singing is a precursor to learning how to write and read.

Brain nourishment and mental development for the children result from mastering these musicals. Their thinking capacity is greatly improved and as they try to memorize the compositions their memory is enhanced and they hence are able to learn more things. Through song plays, the kids are able to interact and learn how to work as a group and this leads to development of social and teamwork skills an early age.

Oral language skills are generally improved when learning songs. The children are able to learn quickly how to speak as they sing and listen to the musicals. Through this, they can know many words and use them for expressing themselves making them be good in reading and spelling at school. They are hence able to value the language and love it as their skills of communication are improved.

The songs taught help these children develop critical listening skills. They are required to first listen so that they can learn the musicals and this helps them develop these kinds of skills. These skills help them to learn things better even in the future hence songs help in development of the overall literacy of children.

Finally, there are no downsides to teaching songs to kids hence there is no harm in bringing music and kids together. They get to have fun, develop language and social skills and enhance mental development among many other many benefits. It is therefore advisable help children learn songs both in school and at home to enliven their lives as music has the power to affect peoples lives forever.

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