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Developing Competent Campus Crisis Planning

March 10, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Sometimes, especially when you least it expect problems come up. This end up leaving the people in charge in a state of confusion, and can lead to damaged property, injured people or even deaths. This is why efficient campus crisis planning is necessary. It ensures that you are prepared for anything that may come your way.

Establishing the possible threats is the first step. Most areas have different natural hazards. From flooding, tornadoes, mudslides or earthquakes. A trip to the local meteorological department, can tell you what is most likely to happen in your location. Your staff should be adequately trained to handle a variety of catastrophes. They should know whether to evacuate the school, or call for a lockdown. The infrastructure in the school should also be up to standard.

You should pick out a team, to specifically deal with any threats to the school. They should be properly trained, to allow them to identify and deal with the problems. This team will be responsible for the safety of the people within the compound.

Student demonstrations and riots, are an almost normal occurrence in most institutions. They may occur due to something very severe, or even on the basis of malicious rumors. Sometimes, negotiations between the students and the administration, may be enough to deal with the problem. In other cases, they may not be enough. The resulting riots may lead to damage of the school property, as well as injuries to the people. In this situation, local law enforcement may be need to control the situation.

Proper communication is key. Taking employee opinions, often gives you insight on what is going on within the school. You should have a platform where the students can air complaints, and their issues can be dealt with. This will in most cases reduce the possibility of a riot. This can also help you note possible causes of violence, and therefore deal with them before they can occur.

Institutions normally have an action plan in place, in case of disasters. Some of them however are not regularly updated. This will mean that if the same disaster strikes the school twice, they will react in the same way. In most cases, people should learn from past experiences. This allows you to be better prepared and have a better response plan in place, the next time something happens.

All establishments need to have safety equipment and procedures in place. Whether it is fire extinguishers, or bunkers in case of tornadoes. They need to be in good condition and equipment should be regular checked, to ensure that they are working. Regular drills should be run, to make sure that the people within the school know how to respond. All the assembly points should be accessible and strategically placed.

Disaster strikes at any time and generally without warning. The best way to deal with it is to be sufficiently prepared. Training your staff and your students, is the best bet to reduce any damages that may occur.

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