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Heart of Flint – dating mature women

April 12, 2012 by  
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Carolina stretched comfortably in his chair of the VIP room where he dozed, waiting for the airport authorities announced they had improved the climate and could leave for their destination, in the case of Carolina, was returning home and their daily lives, returning from vacation, which was totally cut off from their duties, so he could still afford to waste time without feeling rushed for time itself.

Carolina Ferrer, by profession a lawyer, stunning blonde, blue eyes, eyebrows lightly drawn, 1.70 tall, curvy, a woman successful in her profession, faintly smiling with eyes closed, remembering the last interview he had had financial magazine for Platinum: “I made enough to have a life financially settled, built a company that allows many people to dating mature women and work for me most of my days were dedicated to produce.” Beauty, wealth, success …

What about love? Love? “Think I did not know that answer that, just laugh.” “It’s true I’ve never had the time or desire to form attachments. The truth is … I can not say that is very dedicated in terms of love, in my 32 years, only believed in that feeling … hmmm, at 13? … if, when I discovered that my skin, answered only to the soft skin of a woman, it’s hard when you have a goal of financial success to see the love in the course of it, if I’ve gone through several casual relationships, some more durable than others, but none has managed to remain.

Love? …. I think I’ve loved every woman who has touched my life in the capacity I have, in their view, almost nil, always accused me I’m too cool to express, I have no heart, I can only be a good lover, but would never be a good companion or wife. Not so some are born defective in matters of love, and if not born, we do, because we lose credibility, because love is to believe, more than wanting, I’m not close to not believe in that feeling, I know it has generated since the most beautiful poems, even the more intestine wars, I too feel it, who does not want to have butterflies in your stomach?

I think everyone lives looking for it, ….. I? No! …. I do not look, I know I is elusive, especially when you get to a top professionally, but you get together, this summit is lonely, and at night only hugs the stomach ulcer … but I’m not bitter because I’ve enjoyed every skin ….

I like the women but I think philandering, I like beautiful women, smart, sharp and mentally mature, do not leave when they are not damaged me, I actions are born romantic, perhaps all that made me have created a image that becomes comfortable, away from you because you do not want …. but sometimes what you want too, or maybe I never wanted anyone with such intensity that merits changing customs or to deserve me out of my schemes. ”
Made out of his thoughts, hear your name from the mouth of a copper-haired girl, who walks impatiently from one side to another, talking by phone, capturing their attention.

• Dad, we are now retained by the weather, and Nikky has no presentable clothes to go to the interview in the company ….. no! as you think he’s going to interview Carolina Ferrer, even I know, but what I’m saying is that we can not go home for a change and can go to the interview.
• …..
• yes, yes, ‘said impatiently, but you know Nikky do not understand because it comes without preparation?. I could see the look you have, even the socks are uneven, plus they are my socks.
• ……
• Do not laugh, you all celebrate it,
• …..
• No, Dad! ….. will not answer you, and attention to the mobile, I have it and have a lot of calls, can you believe?
• …………
• My concern is that we will be late, if, if, of course we’re at the airport yet, nobody has come out, wait and I approach her and took the phone to convince you that I address what recommend, his irresponsibility irritates me!
• ………….
• Since Dad, do not laugh, if your group of basketball.
• …………
• if ufff expected.

• Carolina, looked away, where he was going the beautiful girl with vigorous steps, seeking whom he spoke, there was a group of girls and boys, which highlighted leather jackets, jeans, shirts, faded faces-the girl under the expectant gaze Carolina, approaches the group, chic @ s, bowing to the person who was lying between backpacks, stuffed between them, extending the mobile.
• Nikky, talk to Dad.
• In small group (a) s began to whistle at the girl, – Nikky present it, and mocking-ay papi will scold you, laughing and forming bustling with laughter-Carolina smiled watching the scene when the girl takes the sock the person who was lying, which is not from the site of Carolina, could not see who it was.
• No, Dad, do not want to get up …..
• …….
• Dress, you too will you sponsor who is irresponsible and beat the ground with his foot.
• ………
• No, Daddy I’m in a bad mood, a pair of socks. It is not that, is that you never say anything. Nikky!, And answers and come with me to the bathroom …
Leaving Carolina waiting, to see his face cause of much disgust and thinking – and that has to do with me Nikky? ……. “Oh I understand Nikky, is the intern who won the contest for the year of internship at the company. Oh interns! This agreement with the universities, and convenience is more political than anything else, think for years that do not interact with interns presidency definitely figure leaves out of my hands many situations ”
• Since Nikky, get up … if porfis. – Said the girl.
Suddenly I see a hand to ask for help you get out of bed briefcases and backpacks interim, and left within them, the most spectacular female figure, that my eyes have ever beheld, a slender figure, with a great body “mmm ….. that beautiful legs, measure how much that girl? … 1.75-180? … I thought seeing the girl walking towards where I stood, I could not help noticing every detail of it, from a talk marimekko, the aforementioned socks unequal climb slowly the look, by their slender legs – so cold and is in short-mmm, I’m running through it with my eyes and mark on her flat stomach and head to her breasts, stunning harmoniously set, I go to view their face, beautiful lips, what color are your eyes? ….. “Mmm, this beautiful!, And which has upon his head? A Beanie? God …! that girl … before I liked women at first sight, but this is awesome … just watching her walk me shudder, like a cat. Calm down Carolina that you will see the results you desire.

Nikky!!, Give me back my hat, shouts a girl, Nikky taking off his cap, shook from side to side her hair redhead, beautifully layered to fall below her shoulders. Turning round, made of a ball cap, and throws with a little jump, play basketball and direct into the hands of the girl. Then walk straight to Carolina, and sat right in front of her, looking intently at Carolina.
• Hello Beautiful!, You liked what you saw?, Nikky said answering the phone
• alo? Father? I love you so much! Nikky said smiling ….
• ……
• Daddy, there’s a blond woman in front of me, shocking, cry your eyes, love me Nikky!, And I can not deny that request. – Says, smiling and looking at Carolina with mischief and desire.
• …….
• Yes, sir, do not worry Dad, I have it resolved
• ….
• yes, yes, Dad
• …
• no, Carolina Ferrer know … why?
• ……
• Oh Dad, everybody know it’s them,
• ……
• no, no father, as you think!, Not because I chose that company.
• ….
• damn you, I have no hidden agenda no father, but I refuse to me … lol, Papi is beautiful
• ….
• No, not Carolina, I told you not know, …. I mean the sexy blonde, who sees me, making eyes … it’s perfect for me, has, as a 1.68 or 170, blue eyes that the sea would envy, because he stole their color, a body that screams, touch me, ‘said Nikky Nikky , smiling to see him squinting Carolina, to listen.
• ………
• Papi …. that has to do what I say, with Carolina Ferrer? That woman did not even look at me … I have understood that different women lunch and dinner every day. “Bold the concept of this brat” – thought Carolina “and you’re wrong not only look, but I like you”
• no, no, ha, ha, ha no I am different, I like to be dinner, breakfast …….. lol I prefer to share, so light years apart, I am all love … lol. Yes father, I know I will not present myself as a gamina before the Lady Carolina, ….. “Lady? ….. makes me feel old, how old will this girl? “- thought Carolina who watched the girl.
• Well, if Daddy, do not worry …. do not pay attention to Anne Marie, she is always hyperbolically dramatic, I told you that I have solved the costume-while this conversation was, Nicole, Caroline was staring with narrowed eyes, who heard the whole conversation, without any expression on his face, once the conversation, Nikky extended mobile saying her sister Anne-Marie takes your pileup. Getting up and going to Carolina, with that look and ride of predator hunting.
• Hi blonde, I answered …. you like? Nikky said huskily sensual voice addressing Carolina.
• You flirt with me? – Seriously Carolina said, keeping her gaze so penetrating.
• My God, look as I put the skin, with only your voice Nikky said Carolina showing his arm and sat down beside her.
• Oh no! Nikky, forget it! – Le said Anne Marie – I’m sorry, but I had to call Dad to lift you from your bed soft bags, and you will lose the little time we have, with your movie femme fatale, chasing all women from the airport …. going to find something you can get, and you can submit to the Office of Carolina Ferrer, before they call our flight – said Anne Marie, love her up off the couch,. And she thinks discúlpela irresistible to women; discúlpela said watching Carolina.
• Heed Carolina said sardonically.
• Do not get your side and with it I have, and you calm down please! …. said authoritatively let me submit, beautiful blonde, my name is Nicole Ibarra Santodomingo, kissing on the cheek and I want to be someone important in your life, what you let me, your lover, your girlfriend, your wife … what want ….. do not you tell me your name? ….! Save Anne Marie? – said looking at his sister who was standing watching the actions of his sister-you are a jealous sister …. lol … come on before give you a heart attack, but last time I speak, as your little girl, so you know this blonde will be the woman of my life, right? beautiful blonde ….. bye Carolina poking the eye …. Discúlpala-pointing it to his sister, who is totally dominant and almost crazy.
“Phew that effort not to laugh at that par-Carolina-order thought my girl actually knows what he has, that skin …. mmm …. looks like a peach, that beautiful green eyes, her sultry voice and her smile made my skin is so bristle … love at first sight? … God forbid … I love at first sight … this woman, enters the eye and the senses rolls, .. spectacular, how to look at me, shocking, I know the feeling that it produces and uses flirting. Why is my heart quicken? is the mixture of provocation and mischief? … had long since anyone treated me so brazenly reponte Carolina …… with you? ”
Anne Marie had to almost drag Nikky one of those stores in the airport and yet Nikky Carolina kept looking from inside the store.
• I just love little sister at first sight.
• Oh yeah right, like last week, when I fell in love with the brunette that attending the pool bar.
• No, this is different, you saw the eyes of the blonde? They say love me Nikky.
• This? I think good for the interview, says Anne Marie showing her dresses.
• No, that’s not
• and this? – Anne Marie asked, standing presence of his body ….. while still watching Nikky Carolina through the window of the store.
• Select it you, but I will not put me little girl dressed in a tailored dress, look at that … give me that Miss ….. in size ….
• Nikky Oh you … that’s impossible man.
• I like that style, look for a lady to lady in that style and now.
“It tells the passengers to …. Please approach the exit number ….. with your boarding pass …. ”
• Apúrale that escapes me ….
• Who?!
• The sexy blonde, I said I would ask your name and number.
• Nikky Oh now give you time to change you.
• Come and change me on the plane. Look, luck is on our flight.
• If the court look that goes with it, this time you threw high to your liking.
• If?, No matter, I know I’ve seen, but who knows where.
• Nikky I stop being so foolish.
• Sister, you’re embarrassed you with me, right?
• Stop bothering, and I accepted long ago that you were …. But sometimes I do feel embarrassed, to see how you rush, as if they were all women.
• Hahaha, Anne Marie, this stunning blonde is and wherever they go, my radar sounded so exorbitant. And I know I’ve seen or read about it, but I forgot where.
Passengers traveling ….. announced over the loudspeaker in various languages, to gate … and sets the delivery paperwork boarding pass, and once inside the aircraft.
Look let the chair on the window said Nikky
• Nikky, forget not going to take your clothes here.
• Why not, where I’m going to change more?
• In the bathroom Nikky, where else?
• Do not be hysterical, Anne, you low life you see.
• And you think that life is uncomplicated and always around you your group of friends tomboys basketball, everything what you acolitan.
• Already enough!. Close your eyes so you do not see …. Ha ha That’s the advantage of traveling in first class, everything you do unusual extravagance is called … hahaha. Because I can not make this a walk in closet to miles high susurraras ….. if your not so strong no one will realize that I’m taking off your clothes.
• No! . . Enters the bathroom, please do not embarrass me.
• Is it that you do not know an airplane bathroom, you want to give me cap against the toilet, you know how I measure, baby? Listen and you whisper it? ….
• Because you scream.
• Do not cry baby, looks help me to remove this, sitting here to do not be so embarrassed of my ….. and stop being so grouchy, you look like mom.
• Oh do not be cruel.
• And you …… do not be so responsible!.
• Be careful, look at these hitting me. Why not get up to the bathroom and you change. I like older women, eh?
• Not exactly, why?
• For the woman who coqueteabas, I will not deny that it is beautiful, but more … I’m your older sister also ….. for that I correct you.
• That is all the broth with slices? You jump from one conversation to another. Help me ….! You’re only three years older! .. That does not give you much advantage … and it is no more, just ready to eat …. hahaha … Well get out of there, give me that chair to this place myself.
• As you do that??? … You, and do not win anyone …. well … you need to express mature.
• Stop grumbling, relax …. get up, ruédate … Help me! -Ay
• Hahaha Well done you’ve beaten. You who are you wearing underneath? Nikky … even bring swimsuit underneath?
• Clear! Did not think I was going to be in my underwear, I take advantage of last minute sun shines not look like my tanned skin? …. I like this color. Look I’m almost ready …. you know? I miss one thing.
• What? I know, tie Ask him your friend, he saw a brunette.
• Well in this case two things you missed
• What?
• Shoes … shoes ….. sister …. but the look fits me with these tennis …. lol.