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Best Means Of Crude Oil Transportation

May 12, 2016 by  
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Crude oil is a valuable commodity. Owing to the many uses of petroleum products, it is always on the move to and from refining industries. However, this product is very delicate and thus requires a very sensitive method of handling it. On how delicate it is a clear list of factors of consideration needs to be scrutinized before opting on crude oil transportation.

One of the factors of consideration is the safety of these methods. It is highly flammable and should be kept away from any fire sources. More so, putting out fires is always a hard task compared to how quick it spreads. Massive property distraction and loss of lives turn out to be a reality when such events come to pass.

Additionally, the means of transporting it should be reliable. This is because people have turned its transportation into a profitable enterprise. This has made time to be a very crucial aspect of the whole process. There is also a need for ensuring that this delicate mineral is delivered in the required state. An unreliable method taints the image of the transportation company.

The reach ability and cost of the method chosen are of paramount importance also. Since transportation of crude is viewed as business enterprise then the cost of it should be affordable for the essence of making reasonable profits. The method should also be one that guarantees accessibility to different geographical areas.

A critical analysis of these different factors of consideration drives us into various methods of transporting this mineral. The standard method used pipelines, rail barges, and oil trucks. All these methods have their strengths and shortcomings at some point. These factors also complement each other in most cases.

The use of pipelines is one of the oldest and most common used. They are composed of well-laid pipes that run along different areas. The movement of crude oil is done through pumping. They mainly connect the oil mining areas or delivery ports to refining companies. They usually are not subject to the risks of accidents. These pipes can cheaply be maintained. However, the oil leak is a problem associated with pipelines.

Another method that is used most often is the oil trucks along the roads. They can access any place that has a road network making them flexible. Their presence on the roads has, however, led to increased congestion. They are also prone to fire accidents since there is unlimited fire causing agents along the road. These fire outbreaks prove to be very disastrous.

Along most railway lines there are special lines designed for the transporting this mineral. This method was developed so as to ease the pressure of only using the pipeline and road trucks. They usually are very reliable when it comes to delivery. However, they are typically slow hence not used in an urgent situation.

In addition to these three, there are the tank barges which only transport the mineral along water bodies. This has made them less common. They tend to have the ability to carry also the products of crude oil from the refining site back to the market. Their initial purpose was to transport only petrochemical products.

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